Top 5 Sports Betting Movies In Cinema History

Following your favourite sports team can be dramatic enough, but add sports betting into the mix and the emotions can reach entirely new heights! Whether it’s the sweet taste of victory or the pain of defeat, it all gets even more intense when you have real money on the line. All these emotions make sports betting and cinema a match made in heaven.

As a gambler in India, you may be wondering what are some of the best movies that feature sports betting? No need to wonder any longer, we got you! In this blog post, you will get to know the top sports-betting-themed movies to watch today.

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If you are a sports betting enthusiast, you should absolutely watch this movie. It was released in 2003 and features Johnny Galecki’s show-stopping performance as he offers a realistic view of the gambling industry.

The movie showcases 3 American college students who, after losing their bet, decide to build their own bookmaker. The bookie business instantly starts to thrive, but it quickly gains the attention of competing businesses and campus authorities. Due to emerging threats and conflicts, one of the students hints at getting rid of their competitors. As a result, Johnny Galecki challenges two Italian bookmakers to a bet.

All the bookies would place their wagers on an exciting boxing match to determine who will remain in the bookie industry. Of course, the winner would stay in business while the loser exits the industry. In the movie, the college students fix the match and as a way of maximizing their profits liquidate their assets. The students win the match and pay off the Italian bookies. And if that was not thrilling enough, later on in the movie after the Italians quit the bookmaker industry, end up killing a person using a chainsaw.

The Hustler

When it comes to the best sports betting movies, The Huster stands out right away. Released in 1961, the movie gets its inspiration from Walter Tevis’ 1959 novel. At the time of releasing this black-and-white masterpiece, the golden era of Hollywood was almost winding up.

The movie was released long before online sports betting websites became a thing. In the 1960s, gambling on sports took place within card rooms as gamblers play cards, bet on pools, and smoke in turns. That notwithstanding, The Hustler is an amazing movie for several reasons. First, it depicts the electrifying realities of losing and winning gambling wagers. Also, it is about developing a person’s character through betrayal, suffering, and a focus on loyalty.

This Oscar award-winning film centres on a number of pool-table gamblers. However, it focuses on Paul Newman, who acts as the Hustler. It shows how he swings from losing to winning streaks as he battles personal issues. The biggest flaw in this movie is that the character of the protagonist stagnates which makes him lose both his bets and personal relationship.

The movie is accredited for launching Newman’s career in Hollywood. It even ended up in the National Film Registry because of its heritage and cultural significance.


The movie Jannat brings together India’s obsession with cricket and the scourge of match-fixing that dominated the sport for the better part of the ‘90s and early 2000s. It follows the story of Arjun who capitalizes on his skills and the so-called “sixth sense” to place wagers on cricket.

This Movie features Emran Hashmi, who plays the lead role of a youngster obsessed with making easy money. He levels up from a small-time card player to become a bookie for illegal bets on cricket matches. Later on, he becomes a match-fixer, who pays off players to influence the games in favour of bookies. It is evident when he moves to South Africa to become a match-fixer for Don Abu Ibrahim, a criminal.

The film unfolds as Arjun’s greed for money and his participation in illegal match-fixing changes his life and the life of his loved ones. So, if you are looking for sports betting movies in India, you should include Jannat as one of the best in Bollywood.

Teen Patti

If you are one of those gamblers who are mathematical about their bets, you should consider watching Teen Patti. It is particularly interesting if you are a fan of table tennis and like making predictions. The first premier of the movie was in 2010 starring Amitabh, who remains one of the best actors in Bollywood.

This movie portrays Amitabh as a brilliant mathematician with experience teaching math at the highest level. Later on, he applies his math knowledge to play card games, particularly teen Patti. That said, he went beyond applying his knowledge in games to create a school of thought. Amitabh by passing his knowledge to students helped them win many games.

Silver Lining Playbook

If you wish to have some fun and learn the ropes of sports betting, then this American movie should be on your list. The movie follows the life of Bradley Cooper as Pat Solatano as he seeks to get his life back on track. His father is an ardent sports fan and gambler who seeks nothing more than just sitting and watching a game with his son.

The father loves his team and perhaps takes his bets further than he should have. This movie unfolds in Philadelphia and has won multiple awards including the Oscar. It is interesting that even in today’s gambling, strategies from the past still can guide you. This awesome movie features several winning strategies that you should look out for.


Some really good films that we can recommend to you are: Bookies, The Hustler, Jannat, Teen Patti and Silver Lining Playbook.

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