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Free Bets

If you are on the hunt for the most lucrative free bets in India, you came to the right place. We have the best free bet promos Indian bookmakers offer and then some. Read on to learn how to claim your free bets instantly. We will also tell you what to do to make the most of each free bet and which Indian bookies give you the most enticing free wagers. Let’s start!

Top Rated Indian Bookies with Free Bets

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All bookmakers offer free wagers, but the only way to get maximum value from your free wagers is to go with top-rated bookies. Free bets can be very enticing, but they can also be misleading. Often, you might think you are playing with a lucrative free bet promo when, in fact, you get nothing from it in the end. When you join the top-rated Indian bookies with free bets, though, you will never be disappointed. These betting sites have lucrative free bet promos for their new and existing customers and will give free bets you can actually use and win real money with. Pick a top-rated free bet bookie now and experience this for yourself.

How to Claim Free Bets

The great thing about free bets is that they are very easy to trigger. If you go with the bookies we recommend, it is even easier. Read on to learn how to claim free bets in six simple steps. Here’s how you can get your free bets instantly.

Find a Betting Site with Free BetsThe best way to get free bets that are easy to claim is to find a betting site that boasts quality free bet promos. Fortunately for you, we feature the best Indian bookmakers that offer free bets right here. All you need to do is pick an Indian bookie that seems like a good fit and go with it.
Register an AccountAfter you decide on the bookmaker you will play with, you need to open an account with it. Opening a betting account is a pretty straightforward process. The bookmaker will ask you to provide some basic personal information which it will later verify.
Make Your First DepositAfter you open your betting account, you will need to make your first deposit. When you do that, you will be one step closer to claiming your free bets. Of course, no deposit free bets do exist. However, you have to make a minimum deposit to qualify for most free bet bonuses. So, go ahead and make that deposit.
Activate the Free Bet PromoNow you need to opt-in for the free bet bonus. Do this by clicking on the free bet offer and confirming that you agree with its terms and conditions. This is also a good time to read those conditions and bonus requirements and see if you are okay with them.
Place a Qualifying BetYou must meet all of these conditions if you want to get your free bets. When you place that qualifying bet and the bookmaker says that you have met all the bonus conditions, you have basically triggered the free bet promo. That means that as soon as your qualifying bet is settled, the bookmaker will credit your free bets to your betting account.
Wager with the Free Bets You GetThe free bet credits will now be in your account. So, you can start playing with them. If the bonus conditions say that you must use all your free bets in one go, you will have to stake all of them at once. If you can place more wagers with them, divide the free bet stakes as the bonus terms stipulate.
Don’t Forget to Meet the Conditions on Your WagerWhen you wager using your free bet credits, you often have to meet similar conditions to those of the qualifying bet. So, don’t be surprised if you have to place your free bet at some minimum odds or include some pre-determined number of selections in your bet slip. Also, even though most of the time, the wagering requirements will be on the qualifying bet, sometimes there will be playthrough conditions on the free bets you place as well.
Withdraw Your Free Bet WinningsIf you placed your free bet and met the wagering conditions it came with, it’s game on for you. We say game on because if your free bet wins and you cleared the playthrough conditions, you can instantly withdraw any winnings you obtained with your free bet. Pretty neat, right?

How to Find Indian Betting Sites Offering Free Bets

Finding Indian bookmakers that offer free bet promos can be tricky, but not if you do it with our help. We separate the sports betting wheat from the chaff and serve you the best of the best when it comes to betting sites with free bets. So, instead of going through the entire online betting industry to find that ideal free bets betting site, start your search with the bookmakers we feature. That way, you will save lots of time and will play with the creme de la creme of online sportsbooks. Here’s how you can find Indian betting sites that offer free bets in four simple steps.

Step 1: Start with the sites we recommend

1 iconWhen looking for free bets, the sports betting sites we recommend should be your first port of call. They have the best free bet offers in the industry, meaning you can find the most enticing free wager promos right here. So, the first step in your free bet betting adventure is to check out each Indian bookie we feature and the free bets it offers.

Step 2: Check the free bet bonuses the bookmakers offer

2 iconNow you are one step closer to finding the bookmaker with the best free bet offer. But what makes a decent free bet promo?

Well, the first thing you should check is the minimum deposit needed to trigger the free bet offer. Next, see if the bonus validity period works for you. Most free bets are valid for 7 days, so don’t settle for shorter validity windows. You should also check the minimum odds and selections that you need to include in your qualifying bets.

Lastly, check the wagering requirements. If the bookmaker gives you ₹3000 in free bets but asks you to wager your deposit 30x, that’s not a reasonable wagering requirement.

Only go with bookmakers that have free bet offers that give you good value for money. If you get ₹2000 in free bets but have to spend ₹200,000 to get them, that’s not a good deal.

Fortunately, none of the bookmakers we list come with free bet promos that are impossible to trigger. That means you will be in good hands no matter which of the betting sites here you go with.

Step 3: Shortlist sites that have easy-to-claim free bets

3 iconIn the second step, we explained how an easy-to-claim free bet offer looks like. So, you now know what to look for when choosing a free wager promo. The next thing you need to do is to shortlist all betting sites that give you free bets that are pretty straightforward to claim.

Our advice is to include at least four or five betting sites on this list. Next, put all their free bet promos side by side. Analyze and compare the pros and cons of each betting offer and remove the free bet promos that strike you as slightly worse than the others.

You should end up with two or three top-quality betting sites and free bet offers. Of course, we recommend you try them all out. For instance, you can trigger and use the free bet promo of one betting site but also claim the free bets the other sportsbooks give you.

Alternatively, you can claim just one free bet offer and revisit the others later. It’s all up to you. We are here to give you the best betting sites in India with free bets, and your job is to go with the ones you fancy.

Step 4: Register with the bookmaker that has the most enticing free bet promo

4 iconNow that you have zeroed in on that ideal free bet offer, it is time to claim it. Before you do that, though, you have to register with the betting site you picked. To do this, click on the link to the betting site we provide and click on the Sign Up button.

Next, the sportsbook will ask you to enter your personal information and will later ask you to provide copies of identification documents so that it verifies it is really you opening the account. As soon as you do that, you will be able to make the most of the free bet promo you picked.

Advantages of Bet with Free Bonus

When you bet using free bet bonuses, you get your fair share of excitement and potential profits. Free bets are among the most popular sportsbook promos, and there are good reasons for that. You can use free wagers on a wide range of sports, they are usually easy to understand, and both new customers and existing punters can feel their benefits. These are the key advantages of playing with enticing free bet promos.

Very CommonAs we already mentioned, almost all bookmakers have free bet offers. That’s great news if you are a betting enthusiast looking for enticing free bets and more money to play with. Of course, not all free bet promos are the same, and some are better than others. However, the fact that you can find free wagers around every corner is reassuring if you are a bonus-hungry bettor.
Easy to UnderstandAnother reason why Indian punters love free bets is their simplicity. There’s nothing complicated when it comes to understanding how free wagers work. Basically, you place a qualifying bet, and once all selections in that bet have produced an outcome, you get your free bets. As easy as you like it to be.
You Can Use Them on Most SportsYou can use free bets to wager on most sports out there. These include cricket, football, kabaddi, and even horse racing. If you want to bet on sports without spending your hard-earned cash, free bets are the way to go.
Can Be Very EnticingDid you know that you can get ₹2000 in free bets when you make your first deposit and get a ₹1000 free bet just for registering a betting account? Free bet offers are very lucrative and can match, double or triple your sports betting deposits.
Different Types of Free BetsIf you are a punter looking for the free bonus money, regular free bets will do you a world of good. However, these standard free wager promos are not the only ones out there. Bookmakers also offer risk-free bets, no deposit free wagers, and other variations of the standard free bet.

Disadvantages of Free Bets

Free bets let you wager with the bookmaker’s funds and without having to spend any of your own money. As you could see above, they come with lots of other perks too. However, just like all betting offers, free bet promos do have a couple of drawbacks, especially free bets credited by second-rate bookies. Here are some disadvantages of free bets you should know.

Free Bet Requirements May Be Difficult to MeetAs we already mentioned, to get your free bets, you need to meet some bonus requirements first. These include things like minimum odds stipulations, wagering requirements, and minimum bet stake thresholds. If a free bet promo comes with some of these conditions, you will have to complete them in order to get those ₹1000 or ₹2000 in free bets.
Free Bets Expire After Some TimeAnother disadvantage of free bet promos is that after a given period, they expire. For example, if you trigger a bonus that’s valid for 7 days, you have to spend your free bets within that time period. If you fail to do that, your free bets will expire, and you will no longer be able to use them.
Free Bet Stake Not Included in WinningsIn most free bet offers, the stake is excluded from the winnings you will be able to withdraw. That means that you can only use the free bet credits the bookmaker gave you to place bets, but you cannot withdraw them.

Free Bets: Which Sports can I bet on

You can use your free bets to wager on the most popular sports in India. That means that cricket, football, kabaddi, horse racing, and tennis are all options when you want to use your free bets.

1xbet cricket odds notebook

Selection of betting odds for the cricket area.

However, that’s not where the free bet betting opportunities stop. You can also use your free bet credits to bet on badminton, darts, snooker, basketball, Formula 1, table tennis, and so on. To know which sports you can bet on, always read the bonus terms and conditions. They will tell you if wagers on some sport won’t qualify you for a specific free bet promo.

Do I Need to Wager my Bonus Money?

It depends on the type of free bet promo you activate. When you trigger bonuses that come with wagering requirements, you must meet those wagering conditions before you can withdraw your winnings. However, there are also free bet promos that say that you don’t need to wager your bonus money. When you activate these bonuses, you will be able to withdraw your winnings as soon as you place your free bet and it wins.

How Do Free Bets Work at Indian Bookie

If you are a betting beginner looking to discover how free bets work at Indian bookies, you have come to the right place. Basically, when you activate a free bet offer, the bookmaker agrees to give you free bet credits but also gives you some bonus conditions you have to meet for that to happen.

As we already mentioned, these conditions include minimum odds requirements and a minimum number of selections you have to include in your bet slip. They also tell you how long the free bets are valid and when they expire. Lastly, you will also likely see wagering requirements in the free bet promos you trigger. These tell you the number of times you will have to play with your bonus money before you can withdraw your winnings.

The first thing you should do after activating the free bet promo is to place a qualifying bet. Qualifying bets are wagers that comply with all the terms and conditions stipulated in the bonus. As soon as that qualifying bet is settled, the bookmaker will give you your free bet credits.

What to do when you get the free bet?

Now, you can use your free bets in two ways, depending on the type of bonus the bookmaker gave you. First, the betting site might allow you to use your free wager to place any type of bet without having to worry about meeting terms and conditions. You should go for these promos, as they allow you to bet on any type of event and at any odds.

The second type of free bet is not as good for the bettor as the previous one. Sometimes, bookmakers will ask you to place your free bet at predetermined terms and conditions. That means you will once again have to meet minimum odds requirements, wagering conditions and will have to be mindful of bonus validity periods. Needless to say, you don’t want to worry about these things both when you place your qualifying bet and when you use your free wager.

Types of Free Bet Bonuses

Sports betting enthusiasts in India have a wide range of free bet offers at their disposal. There are several types of free bet bonuses out there, and Indian bookmakers have them all. Read on to learn more about the free bet types available to bettors in India and how each of these bonuses works.

No Deposit Free Bets

Punters dream of bookmakers allowing them to bet without spending any of their own money. With no deposit free bets, this dream becomes a reality for many Indian punters. A no deposit bonus allows you to get free bet credits without having to deposit any money. Indian bettors only need to opt-in for the offer, and they will see their free bets credited to their account.

That sounds too good to be true, right? Well, the great thing about no deposit bonuses is that they really do exist, and bookmakers offer them. However, most bookies, including the Indian ones, prefer to create free bet promos that you can activate by depositing money. So, no deposit free bets are quite rare.

Another drawback of no deposit free wagers is that they usually come with steep wagering requirements. It is not uncommon to see no deposit free bet promos with 20x or 30x wagering in them. That means you will have to place bet stakes totalling 20x or 30x times the bonus money amount before you can withdraw your winnings. Most punters would lose their free bet credits by the time they meet those wagering requirements, so it is easy to see why that’s a significant drawback.

To sum up, no deposit free bets are what dreams are made of if you are an Indian bettor. However, if you don’t find the right free bet promo, you will have to meet steep wagering requirements. Therefore, always analyze no deposit free bet offers before you opt-in for them.

Risk-Free Bets

Do you want the bookmaker to give you some protection in case your bet loses? If so, try out risk-free bets, as that’s exactly what happens when you trigger them. Risk-free wagers give you the safety net you need when things don’t go according to plan.

When you opt-in for risk-free bets, you first have to place a qualifying bet. If that bet wins, you get your winnings, and nothing happens with the promo. However, if that wager loses, the betting site gives you your bet stake back as free bets.

You will see these free bets credited to your account as soon as all selections in your qualifying wager have been settled. You will then be able to place another bet or bets with the credits (that match your losing stake) the bookmaker gave you. Pretty cool, right?

Price Boost

Even though it is not necessarily a free bet, a price boost promo can come in very handy. When you activate these bonuses, you benefit from higher odds. That’s why these offers are also called enhanced odds promos or odds boosts.

Bookmakers in India usually give you price boosts during special sports betting events. For instance, if you have bet on the ICC Cricket World Cup before, you probably know that betting operators frequently come up with odds boosts for cricket matches that happen during the tournament. Similarly, if you like betting on European football games, you are probably already aware that Champions League matches often get boosted odds.

Welcome Bonus Free Bets

If you are into free sports bets, find welcome bonus offers that have them, as first deposit free bets are super-enticing. So, how do you get a free bet when you deposit and make your first bet?

rabona welcomebonus

This is how the Rabona welcome bonus looks on the go on the laptop.

Well, first, you need to register an account with the bookmaker giving the promo. After that, make a qualifying deposit. A qualifying deposit is one that is the same or higher as the minimum deposit amount in the first bet promo. Lastly, place a qualifying bet. When that bet is settled, you will get your welcome bonus free bets.

Let’s look at an example of a welcome bonus free bet offer to help you understand how it works:

Register and Deposit ₹10,000 and get a ₹10,000 Free Bet (₹10,000 min deposit, 1.5 min odds, Only qualifying bets placed within 3 days of registration make you eligible for the ₹10,000 free bet, Free bets valid for 7 days, Full T&Cs apply, New customers only.)

As you can see, if you open a new betting account and deposit ₹10,000, you can get a ₹10,000 free bet. That means that only new customers can qualify for this enticing free bet promo. To get their free wager, they will need to comply with the bonus terms and conditions when placing their first sports bet. As soon as they do that, they will see their ₹10,000 free bet credited to their betting account.

Free Bet Club

One way to get a constant stream of free bets is to join a free bet club. Many top-quality bookmakers have free bet clubs, and most of them reward the members of those clubs with free wagers every week.

To be able to enjoy the perks of these free bet clubs, you have to do a few simple things. First, join the bookmaker that has the promo. Then deposit some money and join the club. Different clubs have different rules. Therefore, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of the clubs you join so that you can get that weekly free bet. Lastly, claim your free sports bet and try and make it a successful one.

Free Multiple Bet

A free multiple bet offer is a promo with which you get free bets, but you have to use them on accumulators or combo wagers. For instance, if the bookmaker gives you this type of free bet offer, you will have to place three or more selections in your bet slip, depending on the promo you trigger. You will also probably have to meet some minimum odds requirements and comply with all the other terms and conditions of the bonus.

Mobile Free Bets

If you are an Indian punter who loves betting on the go, the mobile free bets Indian bookies offer will do wonders for the success of your betting adventure. You get mobile free bet promos when you place your wagers through a bookmaker’s mobile betting app.

For instance, a bookmaker might say that all Indian customers who deposit and place their first sports bet via the bookmaker’s betting app will get a free bet. Often, the mobile free bet is of the same value as the free wager you get when you place your bets through the betting site.

However, bookmakers sometimes make their mobile free bets more enticing than those you can get when you wager through the website. That means the bookmaker gives you more bonus funds when you trigger a free bet promo via a mobile app and device. To know whether a mobile free bet bonus is of the same or higher value than its betting site counterpart, always read the terms and conditions of the free bets you want to trigger.

Another example of a mobile free bet is when you refer the betting app to a friend. Lots of wagering apps have a promotion where you can recommend the betting app to a friend. When you do that, you get a free bet, and your friend might get some bonus bets too. That way, the bookmaker gets more customers, and both you and your friend get to play with more betting funds. Pretty neat, right?

Free Bets for Special Events

Betting providers usually reserve their best free bet promos for special events and occasions. That means that if you want to land a lucrative free bet promo with reasonable terms and conditions, keep an eye on popular sports events.

Tournaments like the ICC Cricket World Cup, the Ashes, the Champions League, and the tennis Grand Slams are all super-exciting to watch. However, if you keep your eyes peeled, you can often spot some super-enticing free bet promos during these events.

And what’s better than watching India play in the ICC Cricket World Cup? Of course, it’s India winning while you make the most of a free bet the bookmaker gave you.

Terms and Conditions: What to Pay Attention to

Before you activate a free bet promo, read its terms and conditions and pay attention to all things listed. We always tell our readers that the best way to find good value promos is to go through their bonus conditions, and we will say the same to you. If you want to trigger a free bet promo and make the most of it, these are the terms and conditions you should pay attention to.

Expiration Time

The first thing you should check before claiming your free bets is their expiration time. Some bonuses say that they have no free bet expiry periods, and that’s great, and you should try and find these promos.

However, more often than not, free bets do expire. Most of the time, free bets are valid for 7 days. That means that you can use your free bet credits within that period. If you don’t, your free wagers will be gone.

There are also free bets that are valid for more than 7 days, and some free wagers will remain active for as long as a month. However, there are also free bets that stay valid for only 3 days or even less, 24 hours. In these cases, it is paramount that you act fast and use your free wagers before they expire.


One of the crucial terms and conditions you should know before you go and claim your free bets is how many times you have to wager them. If you don’t complete these wagering requirements, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings.

For instance, if a bonus comes with a 4x wagering requirement on the bonus money you get, you will have to place bet stakes equal to 4x times the bonus money amount. In other words, if you got a ₹10,000 free bet, you would have to stake ₹40,000 before you can collect your free bet winnings.

Minimum Odds

Not all free bets have a minimum odds requirement. However, if a free bet promo does come with a minimum odds condition, you will have to meet it. For instance, if a bookmaker asks you to wager at 1.5 min odds to get its free bet promo, you will have to place your bet at those odds. Go with prices that are lower, and you will not get that free bet.

Minimum Selections

Just like the minimum odds condition, not all free bet promos ask you to include a minimum number of selections in your bet slip. However, if a betting site requires that you include three or more picks in your qualifying bet slip, you will have to do that to get your free bets.

Payment Method Exclusions

The payment method exclusions requirement is one that Indian punters often ignore. However, in doing so, they make a big mistake. That’s because if you deposit using a payment method that won’t qualify you for the free bet promo, you won’t get free bets.

For instance, the bookmaker might say that only debit card deposits will make you eligible for its free bet offer. That means that depositing with an e-wallet or prepaid card will not activate the offer you want to get.

22bet deposit notebook man

Man makes a deposit at 22Bet.

So, even though you might think that you are getting your free bets and have activated the promo, if you deposit with a banking option that’s not eligible for the offer, you would get nothing.

Where is the best Free Bets Bonus?

The great thing about free bet bonuses is that a lot of bookmakers offer them. However, no two free bet promos are the same. Some promotions are much more enticing than others. That’s why it is really important to know the quality of free bet bonuses each bookmaker gives you. To that end, we give you a list of top-quality bookmakers to help you find where the best free bet bonus is. Read on to learn more about the betting operators that have the best free bet bonuses in the industry.


Betway is a renowned sports betting provider that has a comprehensive wagering offer for Indian punters. The bookmaker launched in 2006 and has offices in Malta, Guernsey, London, the Isle of Man, and Cape Town. It is one of the most popular sports betting and online gaming operators in Europe but also operates in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

If you are a horse racing enthusiast, you probably know that Betway is one of the biggest sponsors of UK and Irish horse racing. It sponsors over 4,000 races, including the Queen Mother Champion Chase. Betway was also the official betting partner of the Aintree Racecourse and the renowned Grand National Festival. Therefore, if you are looking for free bets at a bookmaker that has hands-on experience with horse racing, you won’t make a mistake if you choose Betway.


Bet365 is a leading sports betting and online gaming operator launched in 2000. It was founded by Denise Coates, with other members of the Coates family in the bookmaker’s ownership structure too.

Bet365 is a great choice if you are looking for a proven sports betting operator that has worked at the highest level for decades. It lets you wager on the most popular sports like cricket, football, and horse racing, but also on more obscure wagering options from darts, table tennis, and Nordic skiing competitions.

If you are into enticing betting offers, the Stoke-on-Trent-based wagering operator has got you covered too. Bet365 has everything from welcome bonus offers to free bets and reload deposit bonuses.

In addition to sports betting, Bet365 also boasts a competitive online gaming section with games from leading software providers. Bet365 complements its casino wagering section with equally enticing casino bonuses like free spins and match deposit promos.

Lastly, Bet365 has reliable customer support with a live chat service that works 24/7. You can also contact the bookmaker via phone, email, or post. Before you do all of that, though, we suggest you check out Bet365’s comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.


22bet is an online bookmaker that utilizes innovative sports wagering solutions and gives you a wide range of betting options to choose from. It is one of the most prominent Bitcoin and cryptocurrency sportsbooks online. The betting provider works with 26 cryptocurrencies and is the ideal partner of Indian players who want to get free bets but use digital currencies to deposit.

22bet has something for both beginner bettors and experienced punters. It will give you over 1,000 sports betting events every day and boasts hundreds of markets for each of those events.

Like all reputable betting operators, 22bet gives you a wide range of bonuses and promos. When you first join the bookmaker, you get an enticing first deposit bonus, but the betting site also gives you extra funds when you top up your betting account later on. Free bets are also on the 22bet promotions menu, allowing you to bet on your favourite sports free of charge.

If you are a casino wagering enthusiast looking for enticing games and bonuses, 22bet has a fair selection of those too. Whether it is slots or live casino titles you want, 22bet can give you good value for money. Similarly, if you need extra bonus funds or free spins on some of these casino games, 22bet has a decent collection of those too.


10Cric is a top-quality Indian bookmaker that launched in 2013. It has an excellent sports betting section, lets you bet on live sports events, and has a decent online casino department for gaming enthusiasts.

Cricket betting is 10Cric’s forte. Punters who want to get the most competitive cricket betting odds and the best cricket markets should look no further than 10Cric. That goes double when it comes to betting on the Indian Premier League or any other event the Indian cricket national team is involved in.

When it comes to bonuses and promos, 10Cric gives you the best of both worlds if you are a sports betting enthusiast looking to open a new betting account. The 10Cric welcome bonus matches your first deposit but also gives you free bets to make that offer even better.

Existing customers can also get their fair share of deposit bonuses and free bets, particularly when betting on cricket. Enhanced odds promos are also common at 10Cric, meaning Indian bettors can get higher odds and better profits when their bets are successful.


1xbet is a well-known sports betting and online gaming provider established in 2007. The company that’s behind the betting site is 1X Corp N.V. It is registered and has headquarters in Cyprus. 1xbet has received multiple awards, which are a testament to the quality of its services and products, and if you join the betting provider, you will experience that first-hand.

The betting operator lets you bet on over 50 different sports ranging from the most popular to more obscure options. It boasts over 500 different betting markets and gives you enticing odds, especially when betting on the top leagues and competitions.

When it comes to betting offers, 1xbet doesn’t disappoint too. It has a lucrative welcome bonus offer for its new customers and gives you free wagers and enhanced odds promos when you become an existing player.

The number of payment methods available at 1xbet is one of the bookmaker’s strongest points. When you join 1xbet, you can deposit using a wide range of banking cards, prepaid payment options, e-wallets, instant banking solutions, and so on. You can use most of these payment methods to both deposit and withdraw. The withdrawal times at 1xbet are particularly impressive.

Lastly, the customer support service is absolutely top-notch at 1xbet. The bookmaker has a 24/7 help-desk service, meaning you can contact the betting site at any time of day and night. You can use the live chat feature to do that, or you can phone or email the bookmaker.


ComeOn was launched in 2010 in Stockholm. The betting and gaming operator is based in St. Julians, Malta and proudly claims to have gathered the best in the business to give you an unrivalled betting experience.

We can confirm that that’s exactly the case, as the wagering provider succeeds in giving Indian punters what they need and then some. It boasts a wide variety of sports and betting events, and Indian bettors will never be short of wagering options.

The betting provider also excels when it comes to bonuses and promos. You get ComeOn rewards and bonus funds as soon as you join the betting site. The bookmaker has a decent welcome bonus and complements it with a multitude of enhanced odds and free bet promos.

As with the other betting operators on this list, ComeOn boasts a casino and live casino section. It has lucrative online gaming bonuses that range from free spins to extra bonus funds, and both new players and existing customers will get their fair share of gaming treats.


Rabona is a betting and online gaming provider that is owned and operated by Araxio Development N.V. It is an up-and-coming sports betting provider that has taken the sports wagering industry by storm.

Rabona boasts innovative betting and online gaming solutions. These include a myriad of sports and betting markets that come with super-enticing odds. The low bookmaker’s margin that Rabona works with ensures that you will always get high pre-match and live betting odds.

Bonuses and promos are also prominently featured at Rabona. New customers are rewarded with an enticing welcome bonus as soon as they register a betting account, and existing bettors can benefit from free bet promos and boosted odds specials.

Casino enthusiasts will also be happy to learn that Rabona offers almost 3,500 of the best casino games in the industry and helps them launch their online gaming adventure with the welcome bonus funds and free spins it gives to new players.

Lastly, Rabona lets you deposit and withdraw using payment methods popular with Indian players. These include Visa and Mastercard banking cards, Bitcoin, bank transfers, as well as the most popular e-wallets and instant banking systems.


4rabet launched in 2018 and has wasted no time in making its sports wagering offer better than what competitors were giving to their bettors. The Indian bookmaker specializes in cricket betting, but you can bet on all popular sports when you join it. The betting site proudly claims that you can choose events from over 30 different sports, and you can wager on both pre-match and in-play betting propositions.

If you are looking for bonus bets and betting specials, 4rabet has exactly what you need. The bookmaker helps Indian bettors get great value for the money they deposit by giving them match deposit bonuses, free bets, betting specials, and so on.

4rabet also boasts a decent casino section. When you open an online wagering account, you can play some top slots and table games, as well as check out live casino and TV shows titles. Free spins and casino deposit bonuses are also available at 4rabet.

Didn’t receive free bets bonus?

If you completed all the terms and conditions but didn’t get the bonus, stay calm. This is not something that happens frequently, but it does occur from time to time, and the bookmaker you joined can help you. When you don’t get your free bets but have done everything that was asked of you, the first thing you should do is contact customer support.

Once you get in touch with the bookmaker’s help-desk staff, explain your problem in detail. They will be able to access the bets you placed and see whether you complied with the bonus terms and conditions. That means you won’t have to provide any screenshots or additional proof that you met the bonus requirements.

However, if you do have some screenshots or evidence showing you met all the requirements, keep it and inform the help-desk person that you have it. It might make the whole procedure much quicker, and you might get your free bets instantly.


conclusion iconIndian bettors love free bets, and we are sure you will too. When you activate free bet bonuses, you place wagers with the bookmaker’s money and don’t have to worry about losing your own. That means that punters can get a lot of value from free wager promos and have almost nothing to lose. So, it is easy to see why Indian punters look for a free bet or two whenever they can.

However, not all free bet promos are the same, and some free wager bonuses are much better than others. You have to play with the best free bets if you want to make the most of the bonuses you activate.

But how can you find these top-quality free bet offers? That’s where we come in. We give you the best Indian bookmakers that have free bets on a silver platter. We tell you where to find these lucrative free bet bonuses and how to make the most of them. You only need to pick a betting site, and free bet offer you fancy and leave the rest to the bookmaker you choose.

So, go ahead and pick one of the top-rated betting sites we feature and find a free bet promo that seems enticing. You already know how these free bet offers work, so you shouldn’t have any problems making the most of them. Register and activate your free bets today, and start wagering on your favourite sports like never before. Let’s start!


To get a free bet, join a betting site that has top-quality free wager promos. Once you do that, activate the free bet by making a qualifying deposit and placing a qualifying wager. When you complete all the terms and conditions of the bonus, you will get your free bet.
It depends on the free bet promo you trigger. If you activate a betting offer where the free bets are valid for 7 days, they will expire after that period. If your free bets come with a 3-day validity period, you would have to use them within three days.
New customers can get a wide range of free bet promos. They can qualify for welcome bonus free bets, risk-free wagers, no deposit free bets, etc.
The best free bets betting site in India gives you enticing free bet promos that come with reasonable terms and conditions. That means that it gives you good-value free wagers but doesn’t make conditions like wagering requirements impossible to complete.
Most Indian bookmakers have free bets. However, they are not the same. To find the best free bet promos in India, you have to join top-rated betting providers that boast quality free wager offers.
Yes, they do. There are tons of free bet promotions tailored to meet the needs of existing customers. For instance, most decent bookmakers have free bet clubs, where you get free wagers every week if you comply with the terms and conditions of these promos.
To find the latest free bets, you need to always keep your eyes peeled for the newest betting offers bookmakers have. The best way to do this is to read our bookmaker reviews and find the betting sites with the latest free bet promos.
Most of the time, you cannot use your free wagers to place system bets. To check whether a free bet promo lets you use your bet credits on system bets, read its terms and conditions.