How to avoid your betting account getting closed or restricted

If you have been gambling online for a long time, chances are you have had the experience of your account getting limited or terminated. In India, offshore betting companies allow you to sign up and play according to their terms and conditions. Often, as a player, you don’t have to do something wrong for this punishment to be meted on you.

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Why Bookmakers limit, restrict, or close accounts

The terms and conditions of 99% of bookmakers permit them to limit/restrict client accounts without providing a clear reason. That said, there are things you can do to avoid your account from being closed or restricted. These include:

  • Ensure your account is not tagged as a bonus abuser
  • When placing your bets, use round numbers
  • Rely on eWallets for both depositing and withdrawing
  • Avoid withdrawing multiple times per month
  • Avoid contravening the terms and conditions of the bookmaker

You should have a good understanding of why bookmakers may close or restrict your account, that way you can prolong the life of your betting accounts in order to get the maximum enjoyment possible. The main causes are:

Profitable bettor

It is as easy as it sounds. Provided you regularly profit from the bookmaker, then they are not obliged to let you continue using their platform. In some cases, the bookmaker may not be able to pinpoint exactly the strategy you use to profit. However, doing a quick check, a casino may establish that you have earned a considerable amount from them. As a result, they may limit or close your account.

Consistently selecting ‘marked’ choices

If you consistently select choices that the bookmaker has ‘marked’, then you attract attention regardless of whether you profit or not. However, randomly placing your bets on marked selections will not ring alarm bells. If you do it consistently, it could be an indication you have inside knowledge or you are following known tipsters, or better still capitalizing on price inaccuracies. These are some of the reasons a bookmaker will closely watch your selections.


Your location, identity, or IP address may influence a bookmaker’s decision to restrict or close your account. If you’re using a VPN or other tools to circumvent regional restrictions, then it is within the rights of the bookmakers to suspend your account.

History of abusing promotion

Usually, bookmakers dislike customers who capitalize on their promotions or free bets. As a result, they discourage any type of bet with an advantage. Often you will remain under the radar for engaging in matched betting. However, bonus bagging is easy to spot and increases the chances of your accounts being restricted or worse closed. You can either be banned from bonuses or your account can be banned altogether. Usually, it boils down to how often you bag bonuses.

Doing something illegal

This refers to you doing something illegal like signing up for an account using bogus details to bet from a restricted location. Today, there are companies that offer fraud prevention tools to online casino sites. These tools share details about unwanted customers as a way of clamping down on such activities.

What to do to avoid your account from being restricted or closed?

To put it plainly, if you are doing something dodgy or downright fraudulent, then this advice is not for you. However, if you are a smart gambler in India seeking a way to avoid restrictions as a way of maximizing the profitability of your betting account, then read on. We recommend you read our bet365 review and 1xbet review to know more about some of the best Bookmakers in India.

With that in mind, whatever measures you put in place, bookmakers are in the best position of catching you out. Therefore, it is not a guarantee that the following suggestions will always protect your account from restrictions.

Employ “Coverplay”

Whenever your stakes are 100% on bets that bookmakers monitor, then your account will likely be shut down or restricted. However, you may continue betting using your account if you conceal your profitable bets using regular bets.

One way of doing this is by randomly betting on sports or trying out casino games. In case you have matched betting on your cards, you can use your account to match a different (nonvalue) bet elsewhere to appear random. The approach is especially good for two outcome sports such as hockey or tennis.

Keep stake and deposit sizes low

As a new player, if you sign up and immediately deposit ₹77,500 and then try to place the maximum stake, it will raise suspicion. Placing a huge bet immediately after signing up is not something a newbie is likely to do. Also, such funds are not readily available for the average punter. It shows someone who understands what they are doing. So, avoid being blatant by building up slowly.

Avoid being rigid

Although it may seem normal to bet on just one sport or maintain the size of your stakes, gamblers who bet for fun are not rigid. As much as possible, try to be random when placing your bets. For instance, if you are arbing, then it is advisable to mix up your bets across different risk-free bets. Alternatively, you can switch to value betting.

Avoid unusual stake sizes

As much as possible, try to avoid placing stakes such as ₹77.52. The average punter tends to place flat, round bets such as ₹77.00. If you frequently use non-round figures, it can easily pass for an automated program. As a result, the bookmaker may automatically or manually impose stake restrictions.

Avoid unusual patterns

Another way you can avoid restrictions on your account is by ensuring you do not bet at antisocial hours of the day. It can raise red flags, especially if you bet on highly niche markets or at very high odds. For instance, it is unusual for a punter to wake up early in the morning to place their wagers on horse racing, an event whose activity usually peaks around the time the race is about to begin (usually at 2 PM).


The bookmakers have terms and conditions that permit them to limit/restrict client accounts without providing a clear reason. There are things you can do to avoid your account from being closed or restricted like: ensure your account is not tagged as a bonus abuser, when placing your bets use round numbers, rely on eWallets for both depositing and withdrawing, avoid withdrawing multiple times per month and avoid contravening the terms and conditions of the bookmaker.

You should avoid betting the exact same amount every time you bet. Try to act like a normal player and do what you think you would have done. Also, try not to constantly reach the maximum bet limit.

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