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Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket is an exquisite sport, and you can make it much more exciting if you bet on it. To make the most of your cricket wagering adventure, though, you need to bet at top cricket betting sites. That’s where we come in. We serve you the best cricket betting sites in India on a silver platter. So, pick a cricket betting site we list and wager care-free, knowing that you are getting the most competitive odds and markets in the industry. Let’s start!

Top-Rated Cricket Betting Sites Accepting Indian Bettors

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Want to maximize the potential of each cricket bet you place? Join some of our top-rated cricket betting sites accepting Indian bettors. These bookies have all the cricket tournaments you need and give you the most enticing betting offers and odds. Our experts put the best cricket betting sites to the test, and we only feature the cricket bookies that pass with flying colours. In other words, you only need to choose a cricket betting site you fancy and leave the rest to us. Now is as good a time as any to pick your ideal cricket betting site and start your cricket wagering adventure with a bang. Let’s do this!

Online Cricket: Background

People have been betting on cricket ever since the first competitive cricket match was played in the 19th century. With the invention of online betting, though, placing cricket bets became a whole different ball game. These days betting on cricket is as easy as you want it to be, and Indian bettors can do it from the comfort of their armchairs.

Modest Beginnings and Rapid Rise of Online Cricket Betting Sites

Online cricket betting started in the late 1990s and early 2000s. As you can imagine, the cricket betting offer was quite rudimentary back then. You could only bet on the most popular cricket matches and events, and the number of cricket betting markets was very limited.

Things have changed quite a lot since then. Online cricket bookmakers have evolved, and the betting markets they offer have increased by leaps and bounds.

The best cricket betting sites don’t just let you bet on the match winner any longer. They give you hundreds of other betting markets too. You can wager on who will be the top team bowler, who will win the Man of the Match award, and you can even bet on which team will win the coin toss.

Better Online Cricket Betting Offers

The number of cricket betting offers and bonuses has followed the evolution of cricket bookmakers too. In the past, you would get a cricket free bet once in a blue moon, and you would never even know that there is such a thing as a first deposit bonus.

22bet startseite cricket

Man looks on the laptop for suitable betting odds in the cricket area on 22Bet.

However, that’s no longer the case. Cricket betting sites today give you everything from enticing welcome bonus offers to free bets,risk-free wager promos or no deposit bonuses. They also boost your cricket betting odds and give you cricket betting features like cashback and cash out that you could only dream of in the past.

Revolutionary Cricket Betting Features

Features like in-play cricket betting, live streaming, 24/7 customer support, and top-tier cricket betting apps are just some of the other perks of online cricket betting. They show how far online cricket wagering has come and the unlimited potential for further growth Indian cricket bookies have. You can be part of that journey yourself. All you need to do is pick a betting site you fancy and place your first cricket bet there.

Is Online Cricket Legal in India

Indian punters who wager week in week out on cricket already know that you can bet on cricket carefree. However, bettors who are just starting their cricket betting journey are probably worried about whether online cricket betting is legal in India.

The great news here is that there is no law that stops Indians from betting on the sport they know and love. There’s no mention of online sports betting and cricket betting in the Public Gambling Act of 1867. That means that no online cricket bet will put you in hot water, and even though there is no regulator of online cricket betting, you won’t be in trouble if you bet on the sport.

Why Bet on Cricket

Cricket is the ideal sport for betting enthusiasts, especially those who do their betting homework before placing their cricket bets. Unlike other sports where a freak occurrence can throw the game on its head, in cricket, you know what to expect from each match. If you stay on top of news about players’ form and injuries, as well as keep track of team and individual stats, you can increase your chances of having a winning bet. And that’s all sports betting enthusiasts ever want but rarely get from other sports. Read on to learn why betting on cricket makes sense and why you should place that first wager as soon as possible.

Easy to Place an Educated Bet

If you are a cricket fan and have seen your fair share of cricket matches, you will have no problem understanding how cricket betting works. More importantly, though, if you are an avid cricket follower, you will be able to place educated cricket bets most of the time. That’s because betting on cricket is pretty straightforward when you analyze all aspects of a match.

You can get most cricket outcomes right if you do your cricket wagering homework before placing your bet. For instance, if know that a team is going into a match in top form, you will be able to make a pretty accurate prediction that the team in question will win. Of course, something unexpected can always happen. However, in cricket, there are far fewer surprising results than in other sports.

Wide Range of Cricket Betting Markets

Another reason why you should bet on cricket is the wide variety of markets available. That’s not the case in other sports. For instance, if you are betting on a tennis match, you have far fewer betting propositions available than when wagering on cricket.

Similarly, if you bet on sports like darts, snooker, Formula 1, or cycling, the number of betting markets you will get will be much smaller compared to cricket.

When you bet on cricket, you can choose from hundreds of different markets and betting options. These include:

  • To Win the Match
  • 1st Innings Lead
  • 1st Wicket Method
  • 1st Over Total Runs
  • Player of the Match
  • Runs at Fall of First Wicket
  • Etc.

As you can see, you can bet on the winner of a cricket match, but you can wager on lots of other cricket betting markets too. That means that even if you are not sure which team will win the match, you can still bet on the aspects you know will happen.

Similarly, if you think that the online cricket betting odds for an India win over New Zealand are too low, you can go for some other market for that match that comes with higher odds.

Live Betting Options

The wide range of pre-match cricket betting markets is only the tip of the iceberg at the best cricket betting sites we feature. The top-rated cricket bookmakers we give you also have comprehensive live betting sections.

22bet livebetting cricket

22Bet offers a variety of live betting in the cricket area.

Live cricket betting sites boast impressive in-play betting options and markets. There might not be as many live betting markets as pre-match betting options, but you can get a decent range of wagering propositions even after a cricket match starts.

Moreover, after a cricket game commences and you can see how the teams are playing, so it is much easier to place a winning bet. That’s because you can see how each of the two cricket sides is performing and back the one playing better.

Live Streaming

However, sometimes it can be a bit tricky to follow a cricket match as it happens, especially if it is a game from a more obscure competition. When that’s the case, the live streaming feature cricket betting sites offer comes in handy.

Most top-quality sports betting sites have live streaming as part of the extra features they offer. With the live streaming option, you can watch all the most popular cricket games the betting site streams. Most of the time, you only need to have a betting account with a bookmaker and some money into it to watch live cricket matches.

That means you don’t need to have an expensive TV or digital sports subscription to watch the best cricket games. Just open an account with one of the cricket betting sites we list, and never miss a cricket match again.

Lots of Cricket Bonuses and Promos

If you join bookmakers for the free bets and bonus money, cricket betting sites will be right up your alley. That goes double for the cricket betting sites we feature. The top-rated cricket bookmakers we list give you free bets and extra credits as soon as you join them.

When you register with a cricket betting site and make your first deposit, the bookmaker will give you various incentives as part of its welcome bonus package. These promos are usually in the form of free bets or match deposit bonus offers and are great if you want to start betting on cricket with a little extra help from the cricket betting app or site you chose.

And the welcome bonus is only the beginning. After you become an existing customer, you can qualify for reload deposit bonuses, cashback promos, risk-free bets, and lots of other cricket betting offers the bookmaker boasts. All of these bonuses help you get more from your cricket betting experience and might even result in a winning bet if you make the right cricket betting choices.

Full Guide on Cricket Betting: Cricket Tips

If you want to have a successful cricket betting adventure, you need to cover several aspects before you start betting on the sport. You have to find a top-quality cricket betting app or site and see if the payment methods and bonuses the bookmaker offers will work for you. And those are only some of the things you need to check. Read our full guide on cricket betting and our cricket tips to learn how to make the most of your cricket betting experience.

Tip 1: Find a Reliable Cricket Betting Site

tip iconFirst, you need to find a cricket betting site you can trust. This is paramount if you want to bet on the sport you love without worrying that some problems will come up later. A reliable betting site is one that has a valid sports betting license from a reputable regulator. It also uses encryption technology to protect your personal and financial data.

Lastly, a cricket betting site you can trust will always get positive reviews from experts and fellow bettors. These people live and breathe cricket and know a good cricket betting site when they see one.

One problem that you might encounter while searching for that ideal online betting site, though, is the fact that there aren’t many top-quality cricket bookmakers out there. Of course, every betting site you visit will tell you that it is the best in the industry, but the hard reality is that you can count the best online cricket betting sites on one hand.

Fortunately, we are here to help. All cricket betting sites we list have a valid license, use the latest in security protection, and get rave reviews from experts and punters. You only need to find the one that strikes your fancy, and you will be good to go.

Tip 2: Go With a Trusted Cricket Betting App

tip iconWhen you bet on cricket, you have the option to go with a cricket betting site or a wagering app. If you choose a cricket betting app, you have to think through your decision as carefully as when you pick a cricket betting site.

There are several aspects you should check to make sure that the cricket betting app you select is reliable and trustworthy. As when choosing a betting site, you must look for a cricket betting app that’s licensed and secure. Those are prerequisites for a carefree sports betting experience and should be the first things you check.

However, they are not the only things you should consider. You should also look for betting apps that are easy to navigate. Moreover, all cricket betting events and markets have to be neatly organized and you should be able to browse through them effortlessly.

If the cricket betting options are cluttered, you will have to spend ages before you can place your bets. Needless to say, that can cost you lots of missed opportunities and potentially winning bets.

Tip 3: A Quality Cricket Welcome Bonus Can Go a Long Way

tip iconCricket betting enthusiasts join betting sites for the welcome bonuses and stay for the odds. That goes double when it comes to Indian bettors. Most Indian punters pick their cricket betting sites by looking at their first deposit bonus offers. If the welcome bonuses are enticing enough, cricket betting enthusiasts join online betting sites instantly.

And you can understand the logic behind that. A cricket bettor will use a lucrative welcome bonus to boost his first bet’s chances of winning. If he is not happy with what the cricket betting site gives him after that sign-up bonus, the punter is free to leave and find another site that will give him better wagering options and bonuses. That way, the bettor will feel the perks of that enticing welcome bonus, and after he uses up all the bonus funds, he can move to pastures greener.

So, when you pick a cricket betting app or site make sure to check if it has an enticing welcome bonus first. If it does, join it and start betting there.

Even if its later promos fail to deliver, you can always find a different cricket betting site and use its bonus money to fund your cricket wagering adventure.

Tip 4: Cricket Bonuses for Existing Customers are Also Important

tip iconOnline cricket betting sites don’t want to see their players leave after using all their welcome bonus funds. So, they give punters lots of other bonuses and promos after they spend their welcome bonus credits.

We mentioned earlier that Indian punters stay with a bookie for the odds. Betting sites know this and give Indian punters lots of enticing odds boosts and enhanced cricket prices to keep them happy. Enhanced odds can help you get more for your money and often increase your winnings by quite a lot. Pretty cool, right?

But enhanced cricket betting odds are not the only bonuses you can get after you finish using your welcome bonus. Cricket betting sites give you everything from reload deposit promos to loyalty program perks and free bets when you become an existing customer. Therefore, it is easy to see how quality bonuses can go a long way when trying to improve the success of your cricket wagers.

Tip 5: Pick a Betting Site with 24/7 Customer Support

tip iconYou might not think of customer support as crucial to your cricket betting experience, but it is. When you place your cricket bets, the last thing you want is for problems to start happening. Unfortunately, issues do occur when betting on any sport, and cricket is not immune.

However, if there’s someone to talk to and help you resolve that problem instantly, you will soon forget that you even had the issue. You can get that type of assistance when you join cricket betting sites that offer 24/7 customer support service. Only help-desks that work round the clock can give you the peace of mind you need while betting on cricket. They ensure that no matter what happens or what problem occurs, there will always be someone willing to help you resolve it.

Therefore, before you settle for a cricket betting site, check if it gives you the customer support you deserve. That means being there for you 24/7 and ready to respond to any inquiry or request you may have.

Tip 6: Check How You Can Deposit Money

tip iconThe best cricket betting sites let you use your favourite and most convenient payment methods. Being able to deposit instantly and without too much hassle is paramount when looking to make the most of your cricket betting online experience.

Top-rated Indian betting sites give you banking options that help you deposit instantly and not break a sweat while doing that. When you use these deposit options, all transactions reach your cricket betting account immediately. That means you will be able to start betting on cricket within seconds of making that first deposit.

So, always check that the cricket betting site you choose works with the payment methods that work for you. Indian punters usually deposit using tried and tested banking cards and e-wallets. Most cricket betting sites on our list offer a wide range of exactly those payment methods. Pick the one that has the banking options you need, and start placing cricket bets like a pro.

Tip 7: Choose a Betting Site that Has Fast Withdrawals

tip iconIt is crucial that the betting site you choose gives you your winnings instantly. Withdrawals are not as fast as deposits, but the best cricket betting sites will let you withdraw your winnings within several hours. And that’s quite impressive.

However, there is a big difference between the withdrawal times second-rate bookmakers offer and the cash out times the betting sites on our list give you. Seeing how it is crucial that you get your winnings instantly, we recommend you always go with a cricket betting site that gives you lightning-fast payouts. That way, you will be able to reinvest your profit right away and increase your chances of being even more successful with your cricket bets.

Tip 8: Cricket Betting Odds Matter

tip iconAs we already told you, you should never settle for anything but the best cricket betting odds. When you bet at odds lower than those you deserve, you compromise on the quality of your betting experience. Even worse, you play for lower winnings than you would get if you bet at odds the best cricket betting sites give you.

But how can you find these top-rated betting sites and their super-high odds? Well, one way to bet at the most competitive odds in the industry is to look for them yourself. However, finding betting sites that work with low bookmaker’s margins and have high odds is not as easy as it seems. You have to do some advanced math calculations, and even then, you won’t know if you are getting the best odds possible.

The other way to place bets at the most competitive odds is to go with the cricket betting sites we give you. All of these betting sites offer higher than average cricket odds. Moreover, you can easily find the betting site with the best cricket odds in the industry if you read the cricket betting review accompanying the betting site. That way, you will know how much value you are getting out of each bet you place and whether some other betting sites give you higher odds than the ones you are betting at.

Cricket Betting Bonuses

Are you on the hunt for some lucrative cricket betting bonuses? We are happy to tell you that you are right where you need to be. The cricket betting sites we feature give you all the cricket bonus offers you can think of and then some. They have something for you if you are a new cricket bettor who is just starting to learn the ways of wagering on the most popular sport in India. However, they also have bonuses and promos for cricket betting veterans with years of experience wagering on the sport. Read on to learn more about the best cricket betting bonuses and how you can profit from them.

Welcome Bonus Offers

Indian bettors love welcome bonuses, especially when they allow them to increase the potential winnings of their cricket wagers. Cricket betting sites give you a welcome bonus when you first join and register a betting account with them. Most of the time, you also need to deposit to trigger the welcome bonus offer.

There is no rule or format as to how these welcome bonuses should look, and it is up to the cricket betting site to decide what it will include in its welcome bonus package. Most cricket betting sites go with match deposit bonuses. With these bonus offers, the bookmaker matches your first deposit up to a given amount. Sometimes the betting site will match your first deposit 100 per cent, while other times, it will go for a higher or lower percentage than that.

22bet welcome bonus tablet

Man registers on the tablet at 22Bet for the welcome bonus with a whopping 10,000 INR.

Another type of welcome bonus offer is the free bet one. Often, online betting sites will give you one or more free bets when you make your first deposit.

Alternatively, the cricket betting site might tell you that if you place a qualifying first bet and it loses, the betting site will give you your stake back in the form of free bet credits. That’s called a risk-free bet promo, as it allows you to place bets without worrying whether they win or lose.

Whichever welcome bonus you choose, make sure it comes with reasonable bonus conditions. That means that you should be able to activate the bonus easily and withdraw your winnings soon after. If that’s not the case, it doesn’t matter how enticing a bonus sounds, as you might never get to feel the perks it offers.

Free Bets

If you are an experienced cricket bettor, you have probably come across free bet promos before. When online betting sites give you free bets, they basically give you the bet stake you will use to place your wager or wagers. That means that you get to bet for free, and if you win, you can withdraw your winnings as real money.

However, as we already mentioned in the welcome bonus section, you have to pay close attention to the bonus conditions, particularly the wagering requirements of the free bets you get. Our advice is to always go with online cricket free bets that come with reasonable wagering conditions.

Let’s explain why this is important. For instance, if you trigger a free bet promo that comes with a 10x wagering requirement on the deposit you make, you will have to place bets worth 10x times your deposit, before you can withdraw your free bet winnings.

In contrast, if you opt for a free bet promo that comes with a 3x playthrough condition, you will only need to stake 3x times your deposit, before you can withdraw your winnings. That’s not a small difference and not one that you should ignore.

Enhanced Cricket Betting Odds

We already mentioned how important it is to bet on the highest possible odds. Betting on competitive odds increases your winnings, meaning you need to back your bet with a lower stake. That way, you save money if your bet loses, and you get better winnings if it wins.

As a rule of thumb, the best cricket betting sites also have the best odds. Fortunately, finding the top-rated online cricket betting providers has never been as easy as it is now. All you need to do to bet at the most competitive odds is to pick a cricket betting site from our list. Choose your bookie, place your bets, and enjoy odds higher than you have ever seen.

How to Bet on Cricket for Indian Bettors

Are you a cricket fan looking to make the transition from following to betting on your favourite sport? If that’s the case, our six-step cricket betting guide is exactly what you need. We will tell you all you need to know about cricket betting, and you will bet like a cricket pro in no time. Read on to learn how to bet on cricket if you are an Indian bettor looking to make the most of each cricket wager you place.

Step 1: Pick a Top-Rated Cricket Betting Site

1 iconFirst, you need to find a cricket betting site where you will place your bets. The online cricket betting sites we feature are a great place to start. They give you all the betting events and markets you need. Even better, they love rewarding their customers with enticing bonuses.

Step 2: Register with the Online Cricket Bookmaker

2 iconNow you need to open an account with the online cricket betting site you chose. To do this, first, click on the link to the site we provided. Then find the Join/Register/Sign Up button the betting site gives you. It is either in the top right corner of the page or prominently displayed in the middle. Enter your data, verify your account and you can start betting!

Step 3: Deposit

3 iconNext, deposit some money into your online cricket betting account. As we already mentioned, you can use a wide range of payment methods to make your deposit. After you pick the banking option you will use, enter your banking details and confirm the transaction. The money should be in your wagering account within seconds.

Step 4: Choose Your Indian Online Betting Market

4 iconThis is the moment you have been waiting for. Now is the time to start compiling your first cricket bet. To do that, click on Sports and select Cricket from the A to Z list. You should now see a lot of cricket events and tournaments in front of you. Pick the one you fancy and select the cricket matches you want to bet on. To choose a cricket betting market, click on the odds accompanying it.

Step 5: Add Your Selections to Your Bet Slip

5 iconEvery time you click on the odds a cricket market comes with, that selection will go to your bet slip. If you want to bet on a single cricket outcome, include only one leg in your bet slip. On the other hand, if you want to compile a cricket betting accumulator, you can add more selections to your bet slip.

Step 6: Submit Your Bet

6 iconOnce you are sure that you have included all cricket betting picks in your bet slip, it is time to submit your wager. However, before you do that, don’t forget to enter your bet stake. That’s the amount of money you will use to back the selections in your bet slip with.

Leagues and Tournaments on Cricket you can Bet On

The best cricket betting sites in India boast a multitude of cricket betting events. They have more cricket leagues and tournaments than you can imagine. In fact, if a cricket match is being played somewhere in the world, the best online cricket betting sites will let you bet on it. Read on to learn about the most popular cricket leagues and tournaments that you can bet on if you are an Indian punter.

Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League is one of the most competitive cricket leagues in the world. It is a Twenty20 cricket league, and ten professional cricket teams are playing in it. Teams first play each other, and then the best sides proceed to the playoffs. The first edition of the competition was in 2008.

Teams like the Mumbai Indians, the Chennai Super Kings, and the Kolkata Knight Riders have topped the IPL table the most, but other sides like the Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderbad have also left their mark on the league.

Because the IPL is a Twenty20 competition that also features some of the best cricket players in the world, it is one of the most dynamic cricket competitions in the world. It is also the favourite cricket league of many of the younger cricket followers and fans.

That dynamic nature of the league also makes it perfect if you are a cricket bettor. The IPL and special IPL betting sites, is ideal for cricket betting enthusiasts. When you bet on IPL cricket matches, you can choose from tons of markets. However, you can also get much more than that. You can drink in the excitement that such a fast-paced competition brings, bet on games both pre-match and in-play, and wager on teams or individual players. The IPL lets you do all of that and then some.

ICC World Cup

If you want to bet on One Day International cricket, the ICC World Cup is the premier competition you should go for. As the name implies, the International Cricket Council organizes the World Cup. The best cricket nations fight it out against each other every four years, and all national cricket teams do everything they can to win it.

Australia, India, the West Indies, Pakistan, and England have been dominant ICC World Cup teams, but Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and South Africa have also won their fair share of World Cup games.

So, why is the ICC World Cup ideal for cricket bettors? Well, first of all, it is one of the easier tournaments when it comes to getting the winner right. Most of the time, the national team that has been dominating in the matches leading up to the tournament and has been in excellent form during the World Cup is the one that eventually wins it.

The promos you can get during the ICC World Cup are also a factor for cricket punters when choosing the ICC World Cup. It is a well-known fact that online cricket betting sites create their best bonuses and promos during special sports betting events. And there is no One Day International cricket tournament that is more special than the ICC Cricket World Cup.

That means that there are bonuses and promos galore, especially when it comes to enhanced odds offers. Cricket betting enthusiasts love placing bets at better odds, and these price boosts are always welcome. The free bets, risk-free bet promos, and reload deposit bonuses are also something cricket bettors relish.

World T20

The International Cricket Council also organizes the most competitive international Twenty20 cricket tournament – the World T20. The Twenty20 is held every two years, and the best Twenty20 cricket nations take part in it.

The West Indies, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, and England have all been crowned World T20 champions and nations like New Zealand, and South Africa have had some impressive World T20 cricket tournaments too.

The World T20 is ideal if you want to bet on cricket matches that are very competitive and full of action. When betting on the premier international Twenty20 tournament, you can bet on the match winner market, but you can also have your pick from the wide range of other cricket betting options.

You will also be able to bet on pre-match betting propositions, as well as enticing live betting options. Best of all, as with the other tournaments, you will get a myriad of sports betting bonuses and promos you can use to make your cricket wagering experience much more exciting.

ICC Champions Trophy

The ICC Champions Trophy is a One-Day International cricket competition that was first organized in 1998. It is a round-robin, and knockout tournament and the best cricket nations took part in it until 2017 when the International Council decided to organize the World Twenty20 tournament instead.

However, fortunately for avid cricket fans, the ICC Champions Trophy will continue to exist, as the ICC decided to reinstate it from 2025. That means cricket fans and betting enthusiasts will have another top-tier cricket competition to sink their teeth into.

Caribbean Premier League

The Caribbean Premier League is the top-rated Twenty20 cricket tournament in the West Indies. It is organized by Cricket West Indies, and its first edition was in 2013. Teams play in a league format first, and then the best sites proceed to play in the play-offs.

The Trinbago Knight Riders, Antigua Hawksbills and Jamaica Tallawahs have been the most successful Caribbean Premier League cricket teams in what is the most prestigious cricket tournament in the West Indies.

How to Win in Cricket Betting

Opening an account with a reputable cricket betting site is the first part of placing a successful cricket bet. The second is to do your cricket betting homework. Read on to learn how to win in cricket betting and which things you should do before you place your first cricket bet.

Check the Form of the TeamsAfter you register at your favourite cricket betting site, you should start thinking about compiling a winning bet. And the first thing you should do is to check the form of the two teams. The wise thing is to always back the in-form team. Teams that are in high spirits are always better options than teams that are down on their luck.

So, if you see that a cricket team has won five or six of its previous games and goes into the next match as a heavy favourite, feel free to back it. That team will likely win at the end of the day and will continue its winning run
See How Each Player Has Been Performing RecentlyAnother thing you should analyse closely before placing your cricket bet is how individual players are performing. You want to back teams whose players are in great form and high in confidence. These are the teams that usually win cricket matches, so you should make it a habit to check the form of each player before placing your bet.

Moreover, many cricket betting sites, if not all, let you bet on individual player markets like Top Team Bowler or Top Batsman. Analysing how well each bowler and batsman has played recently will go a long way if you are looking to place a winning bet in one of these markets.
Analyse Previous Match HistoryPrevious duels between teams are decent indicators as to how future encounters might end. Often, a team will have a so-called ‘boogie’ opponent that always seems to find a way to score runs against it.
That’s why it is paramount that you check the previous match history between two cricket sides. If you notice that one of the teams has won most of the previous matches the two sides played, back it to win once again.

Maybe the playing style of that team doesn’t suit the opponent, or there have been so many victories that the team that has been on the losing side has an inferiority complex that has become too hard to overcome.

Whatever the reason may be, you want to back the team that always wins. So, check previous head-to-head meetings between the teams before placing your cricket bet.
Read Cricket Betting TipsWe are sure that you are an avid cricket fan that knows his onions. However, it never hurts to read the opinions and tips of other cricket bettors such as yourself. Some of these punters and tipsters have inside knowledge of teams and players, meaning you can profit from the insight they give you.

The great thing about the cricket betting community is that most tipsters won’t charge you when you read their tips and predictions. These free cricket betting tips cost nothing but can help you pick a winner that you otherwise wouldn’t include in your bet slip.

So, keep your eyes peeled for quality cricket betting tips and don’t be afraid to heed the advice of betting experts that have proven to be successful in the past. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.
Pick Your Ideal Cricket FormatMost cricket bettors go for Twenty20 or One Day International cricket matches. However, that doesn’t mean that you should only settle for these two formats of the game. Test cricket offers unique perks the other two formats cannot give you, and we suggest you try betting on Test cricket matches too.

Moreover, betting on the different formats of cricket will help you decide which format suits you the most. For instance, you might notice that you have more success with ODI cricket bets than Twenty20 wagers. However, you might find Twenty20 wagers more exciting to follow, and you might also prefer them for your live cricket betting adventure.

Our advice is to try out all the formats of cricket and see if one works for you better than the others. If it does, feel free to place more bets on it.
Find the Online Betting Market that Works for YouSoon after you place your first cricket bet, you will notice that some betting markets work better for you than others. It doesn’t matter whether you are into Twenty20, ODI, or Test cricket. If you see that betting on a specific aspect of cricket matches wins you more bets, go with it.

Some cricket bettors always wager on which team will win the match and never go for other betting options. Of course, you can be like them and stick to predicting which side will triumph at the end of the day.

However, with online betting apps and sites giving you so many wagering propositions, it is a pity to only settle for the match winner market. We recommend you try and test as many cricket betting options as possible and settle for the one that yields the best profits. You might need to place more cricket bets to find that ideal cricket betting market, but once you find it, all that effort will pay dividends.


conclusion iconIf you are looking for a top-notch cricket online experience, you should only place your bets at the best cricket betting sites. These cricket betting online bookmakers let you wager on popular cricket leagues and tournaments and give you the most competitive wagering markets and odds in the industry.

Fortunately for you, we have some of the best cricket betting sites right here. All betting sites we feature have been checked from top to bottom by our cricket wagering experts. They are your best options for your cricket adventure, as their events, markets, and odds are unrivalled.

Moreover, they give you the most enticing cricket betting promos in the sports betting industry, work with a wide range of payment methods, and have unparalleled customer support.

So, now you know what to expect when you join a top sports betting site and what you can get from it. That means that you are fully ready to embark on your cricket betting adventure.
Deleted: All you need to do next is pick a cricket betting site from our list of top-rated cricket bookmakers and register with it. Your cricket betting adventure beckons, so don’t waste any more time and start betting with the best cricket betting sites in India now. Let’s start!


To bet on cricket, you need to join an online cricket betting site first. Once you do that, deposit some money into your betting account. Lastly, pick the cricket matches and betting markets you want to wager on and submit your first cricket bet.
Yes, there is. There are a lot of top-quality cricket betting sites in India, and no law says that online cricket betting is illegal in the country. Find out here the best online betting sites in India.
You can bet on cricket via a desktop or mobile device. If you use your mobile, the best way to bet on cricket is to do it through a cricket betting app. A top-quality betting app will make placing cricket bets easy and will give you all the cricket betting options you need.
The best cricket betting app is one that lets you bet on all the major cricket tournaments, gives you the most cricket betting markets, and has the most competitive betting odds. It also rewards you with various deposit bonus offers and free cricket bets.
The best cricket betting site is one you can trust. It has a license from a reputable regulator and uses security protocols that cannot be breached. It also boasts lots of cricket competitions, a myriad of betting markets and gives you the best odds in the betting industry.
The cricket betting site with the most competitive odds also works with the smallest bookmaker margins. That means that the betting site works with smaller profits so that you can get better cricket betting odds.
No law says that online cricket betting is illegal in India. Moreover, no bettor or betting site has been in hot water over placing online cricket bets or any other sports wagers in the country.
Indian bettors can wager on all the major cricket tournaments, provided they find a reliable bookie. The cricket leagues and competitions available include the Indian Premier League, the ICC World Cup, World T20, the ICC Champions Trophy, etc.

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