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Betting Offers

The betting world nowadays is very big and full of good bookies, but you can come across some not-so-good ones, and this is especially the case in a market that is well developed like India. There are many betting offers that you can choose from, and they vary from free bets, betting promotions, boosted odds, and so on.

Some of these offers are very helpful, and with some, you are best advised to stay away. It is easy to get confused when looking through the betting offers in India, so we will help you make sense of it all in this article. Let’s dive into the details.

Only Top Betting Offers for Indian Bettors

betting offers banner

A betting offer can be defined as a type of promotion offered by Indian betting sites for new or already existing players. Betting offers are there to help you secure big wins, and they are very popular among all types of bettors.

They can make the whole betting experience more profitable and fun, and it is sure to attract more players to the brand itself, so it seems like a win-win situation for all parties involved. However, as mentioned above, there are tons of good and bad bookies in the betting market of India, so you need a well-known and reputable brand to register on.

Below is our list of top-class online sports betting sites currently operating in India, so you are best advised to choose one of the following.

  • Bonus



    5x | 1,40 | 7 Days

    Bonus Code

    Not required
  • Bonus



    5x | 1,5 | 30 Days

    Bonus Code

    Not required
  • Bonus



    6x | 1,75 | 30 Days

    Bonus Code

    Not required
  • Bonus



    12x | 1,60 | 90 Days

    Bonus Code

    Not required
  • Bonus



    5x | 1,40 | 30 Days

    Bonus Code

    Not required
  • Bonus



    10x | 1,7 | 7 Days

    Bonus Code

    Not required
  • Bonus



    5x | 1,40 | 7 Days

    Bonus Code

    Not required

Betting Offers: Why do I need them?

There are different kinds of betting offers among Indian bookies that can be quite beneficial for you, and there are tons of advantages that come from these betting offers. Betting offers allow you to experiment on a betting site, whether you need to test the range of markets or its live-streaming capabilities.

Usually, there is little risk involved when claiming betting offers, so it is a good way to reward the players on the site, whether they are experienced or beginners in the betting world. Depending on the type of betting offer you will get, it is an excellent chance to increase the account balance, which is the main objective after all.

You also have room to make unsuccessful bets during the course of the betting offer or promotion, so all in all, depending on the terms and conditions of the betting offer, you are always in a winning position when claiming it.

Pros and Cons of Betting Bonuses

Just like every aspect of our everyday life, betting bonuses come with many advantages and disadvantages. The type of betting bonus and the requirements that come with it vary from one sports betting site to another, but here we’ll list some of the general pros and cons.


The pros of betting offers outnumber the cons, hence their popularity. Some of the advantages that come with these betting bonuses are:

  • Betting bonuses can sometimes come in the form of bonus cash – many sports betting sites give no deposit bonuses as a type of welcome bonus for their newly registered players. This is among the most popular promotions as it basically gives punters free real money. Indian bettors will not be required to make any deposits using their money. Sometimes, these bonuses come in the form of the site matching the deposit by the player.
  • Your bankroll can be boosted – after all, the main reason why we place bets online is to make significant wins, and with the help of welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions, punters have the chance to increase their bankroll extend the gameplay and be motivated to make additional bets.
  • You can use betting bonuses to try out new markets – you might be uncomfortable placing wagers on sports or markets that you are unfamiliar with, and betting bonuses can help you with this issue. This is especially handy if you are a beginner in the sports betting world, and in that case, you can test the markets and sports with your deposits without being at significant risk of losing a lot of money.


The list of cons with betting bonuses is much smaller than the pros, but there are some things that you should be aware of when thinking about claiming any type of bonus or promotion:

  • Sports betting bonuses might have wagering requirements – they can sometimes be a hassle for players, as you need to wager the bonus amount a certain number of times before you can make any withdrawal. This can be disappointing for many punters, as with continuous play, you increase your chances of finishing with empty hands.
  • Betting bonuses can have cash-out limits – one of the main reasons why high-rollers in India do not use some of the promotions they are eligible for. These limits can sometimes be very low, and people who like to bet a lot like to have the chance to withdraw large sums, so when they see such limits, they are just not interested to use the promotion
  • Betting bonuses have expiration dates – this is among the first things you should check before you decide to use any bonus or promotion. All bonuses have expiration dates, and sometimes they will be available to be used for just a few days. If you miss this period, then the bonus would no longer be usable, so have in mind the time frame when claiming a certain promotion.

Types of Betting Promos

There are many different betting promotions at Indian bookmakers, and they are meant for both new and regular players on the site. All newly registered punters on the site are eligible to claim a welcome package, which can come in many different forms.

Have in mind that before you decide to claim a bonus, you need to browse through its terms and conditions. With all that being said, below, we’ll cover the types of betting promotions you can expect at Indian bookies.

No Deposit Welcome Bonus

One of the most popular bonuses in the Indian sports betting market is the no deposit welcome bonus that all newly registered players are able to claim. This is a good way to attract new players to the site, and sportsbooks compete in who creates the most attractive welcome package that will stand out from the rest.

To claim the no deposit bonus, you will need to register an account at the Indian bookie. Some sites will automatically give you the welcome bonus, while others will ask you to enter a bonus code, which will be sent to you via email or SMS.

Just like all bonuses, the welcome package comes with terms and conditions that you should be fully aware of. The reason why no deposit bonuses are attractive to Indian bettors is the fact that they do not require any real money wagers from them.

The no deposit bonus is credited to your account as soon as you activate it or enter a code at the cashier section on the site. Sportsbooks that offer no deposit bonus as a welcome package are more popular than others, and usually, they are more reliable.

Check out our list above to see the best Indian bookies that offer no deposit bonuses. Even though the no deposit welcome bonuses are basically free money that the sports betting site awards to you, you need to know that there might be some tricky terms and conditions attached, like the wagering requirements, which can sometimes be difficult to fulfil and come away with a good win.

Apart from the wagering requirements, make sure to check the maximum cashout limit allowed, which is important for any high rollers out there. You might start your betting journey with a handsome win which will significantly increase your bankroll, but you won’t be able to withdraw all of the winnings. Check out our list of Indian bookies with the best betting offers and choose the one that has the highest cashout limits.

Sign Up Bonus

Sign up bonuses are often referred to as welcome or initial deposit bonuses. It is a type of bonus that every newly registered player on the sports betting site will be able to claim. There are different types of sign up bonuses among betting sites in India.

A very frequent type of sign up offer in India is the free bet that new bettors get when making their first deposit. Other types of sign up bonuses can include promotions such as enhanced odds on certain outcomes, which are not found that often, but they are very popular among Indian bettors.

Rabona welcome offer

Man searches on laptop for Rabona’s welcome offer of a whopping 8,000 INR.

Certain sign-up offers include added promotion in the form of a casino bonus, such as free spins on top of your initial welcome sports betting package. However, the most common sign up promotion among bookies in India is the first deposit match bonuses.

Certain sports betting sites will match your first, second, or even third deposit on the site. The percentage of the sum that they match varies from one operator to another, so you can see 100%, 50% match, etc. These bonuses tend to have the most T&C, so make sure you are well-informed about the bonus before you claim it.

If you are still new and wondering whether you should register to online sports betting site, then a good piece of advice would be to wait for a special event, such as a Champions League matchday, to register and claim the sign-up offers. When big events arrive, sports betting sites in India tend to offer the most rewarding sign-up offer, as they know that it is the key to attracting more players to the site.

Free Bets No Deposit

Free bets with no deposit bonuses have a specified value, and they are offered by the top online bookies in India to bettors, most notably when they register an account or place a bet via the mobile app. Using a free bet means that you will not be required to stake any of your real money.

Apart from being part of the welcome package, free bets are also offered to already existing customers as an ongoing promotion to bet on a specific market or make a specific type of bet, like an Acca. With the Indian online bookmakers market being so developed, there are tons of promotions like that at the bookies we have mentioned above.

Most often, you will be allowed to use the free bet on most of the sports markets, but if you are not sure whether that is the case, make sure to check the terms and conditions of the free bet. Once again, the amount varies from one operator to another.

A free bet is awarded as a form of a complementary sum of money to your account once you have fulfilled the requirements surrounding the bonus. Some bookies also call this promotion “bonus bets”, and depending on the free bet, you might be able to instantly withdraw the winnings made from it. Other bookies will require you to wager the bonus sum a certain number of times before you are eligible to withdraw money.

Sometimes, the free bets that bookies in India award tend to have a minimum stake and odds requirement that you are obliged to meet to claim the free bet. This amount is not the same, different operators have different requirements, so you will need to check the exact details of every free bet no deposit bonus.

Some free bets can only be placed as pre-match bets, while others can be used for in-play as well. Types of bets also are another factors that you should check, as you’ll need to know what bets qualify for the free bet offer.

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is by far the most used bonus among Indian bookies, and players adore it as it gives them the chance to place more bets, increase their bankroll, and earn bigger profits on the way. Most notably, sites in India will offer you a deposit bonus when you register an account and make your first bet.

Every online sportsbook in India will have a minimum deposit rate that has to be met for the player to trigger the deposit bonus. Often, that minimum deposit amount will be the minimum deposit the sportsbook accepts in general, but in some cases, it might be even higher, so be prepared for that scenario as well. The amount depends on the bookie itself and its policy.

Make sure to check all terms and conditions attached to the bonus, as you don’t want to miss the requirements set by the operator and lose the chance to enhance your profits with the help of the deposit bonus.

Let’s set an example: the betting site offers you a 100% deposit bonus, so if you deposit 500 INR, the operator will match that, so you will have a total of 1,000 INR to play with. So, as most of the sites offer 100% deposit bonuses for newly registered players, it is always a good way to start your gambling journey with a nice win.

Refer a Friend

Online sports betting operators in India look to constantly increase their popularity and the number of registered players on their site, so they need attractive ongoing promotions and bonuses to do so. It is important to persuade players to keep coming back for more bets on the site, and one of the main strategies and bonuses they use for that purpose is the refer a friend bonus.

You will be able to claim this bonus if you are a member of the site first of all. To get the refer a friend bonus, you need to convince and invite friends to join the bookie in India, where you are registered. If you do so, you will get a free bonus amount, which varies from one sports betting operator to another.

This is a win-win situation for all parties, as the site has a new member, you get a bonus, and your friend will register and also get a welcome package when signing up. In some cases, though, the site may ask that the friend first makes a deposit before you get your refer a friend bonus, so make sure to check the sports betting site for the terms surrounding the bonus itself.

Usually, there is a “refer a friend” tab on the sports betting site, where you should go and insert all the necessary information regarding you and the person you want to invite. Your friend will then receive an email with a link to join the site. Usually, you can send referral emails to a maximum of 10 people at once. Your friends have a limited period to accept the invitation and sign up on the site.

Once you complete these necessary steps, you and your friends will immediately receive a bonus unless the site states that they must first make a deposit. Once again, the T&C of the refer a friend bonus can be different from one operator to another, so have in mind that you need to check them before you decide to send invitations to your friends.

Other Promos

Sports betting sites in India will offer you different types of incentives to keep on betting and stay loyal to the site. A reload bonus is one of the ongoing and most common ways to reward loyal players on the site.

The reload bonus is very similar to the free bet welcome package that newcomers receive, but they are aimed more at already existing players, and they have a bit lower percentage than the standard sign-up betting bonus.

Apart from that, there are other ongoing loyalty programs that sportsbooks run all the time, which make sure players stick with them. As a loyal player, you will earn reward points every time you place a bet on any event. The number of points and their value depends on the operator and the type of bet you place.

Then, these points are exchanged for other, different prizes, such as free bets. Typically, sports betting operators will have different levels of loyalty, and the more bets you place the higher you will climb on the loyalty ladder, so the rewards will be bigger and better the higher the loyalty program you climb.

Rabona bonusoffers

Rabona offers its customers a variety of different promotions and bonuses.

High rollers in India can expect to have a personal account manager assigned to their name, free bet rewards and bonuses, promotions aimed only at them, fast withdrawals, cashback, and different prizes, such as trips and invitations to special events.

When there is a special event, such as the Champions League final, or the Super Bowl, betting promotions can be quite common. Sports betting operators in India know that these are the type of events that people will love to place bets on, so you might be eligible to claim a certain bonus or promotion during the course of any major event.

You might also see a sports betting site run different contests when these big sporting events take place. Usually, the entrance to these competitions is completely free for loyal customers, or any player that has placed a wager on the event itself.

Apart from these ongoing bonuses and promotions, betting sites in India will introduce some short-term and limited offers from time to time. Enhanced odds is one of the major promotions that are favourite with players. The name says it all – you will get better odds for certain markets or games, and you are always best advised to use them.

Another promotion is called the “best odds guaranteed”. No punter wants to place a bet on a certain event, and then realize that the odds they had were not the best ones available. To stop this from ever happening, you can sometimes use the best odds guarantee promotion, and it means that if the odds of the event increase, later on, you will get the higher ones if your bet wins.

Lastly, the free in-play bets are also quite common in Indian sportsbooks, and you will need to use them only when the event has started, and they have a period in which they are valid, so you need to react quickly if you get a promotion like this.

All in all, apart from these, there might be other promotions at sports betting sites in India that can be long term or short term, so make sure to check the site regularly for updates. The market in India is quite competitive, so new and creative promotions emerge on a daily basis.

How to Claim Betting Bonus Online at Indian Bookie

The general process in claiming a betting offer in Indian bookies is practically the same everywhere, with some exceptions being made for ongoing promotions that can only be found on a specific site. Let’s explain the general process of claiming a bonus that you are entitled to, with all the steps you should make.

Choose a Betting Site

The first and obvious step is to choose one of the above-mentioned sports betting brands in India that offer various bonuses and promotions. If your bankroll allows you, we can advise you to join more than one sportsbook if you wish to claim different bonuses, as all sites have different promotions.

Do your research and see which sites have better odds, better ongoing promotions, as these steps will save you lots of money. Good research is the key to everything nowadays. For you to not go through the trouble of choosing a sports betting site in a market so saturated in India, we have listed above the best online betting sites in india, so you won’t make a mistake by signing up for any of them. The list is there, and the choice is yours.

Create an Account

Now, once you have chosen the sports betting site, the next step is to create an account on it. The process is very simple, and you begin by finding the sign-up or join now section, which should be visible on the right-hand corner of the site.

Then, you will be redirected to a page where you should provide some personal information, and most of the bookies ask for the following details from you:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth

More or less, the information that is asked from you is this, and you are best advised to insert correct details, as the site asks for it to make sure that all the transactions are safe. The betting sites we have recommended above use the latest security technology to make sure that the personal information you provide is safe and secure.

Once you complete this process, most of the sports betting sites in India will send you a confirmation email, which you should open and click on the link they have sent to confirm and verify your account. This is another security measure that sites take to prevent scams. Now, the process is complete, and you have an account that is ready to use.

Make a deposit

Your account is ready, which means that you are ready to start making bets. The next step you should take is to make a deposit, which is an important step, especially for bookmakers that ask for a deposit to be made before you are able to claim any bonus or promotions.

The process of making your first deposit is very simple and common among bookies in India, and the only difference might be the payment methods that they can offer. However, most of the bookies above have integrated the most relevant payment methods in the market, so you are likely to find the one that matches your preferences. The list of payment methods includes:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • E-Wallets
  • Cash transfers
  • E-checks
  • Bitcoin

Have in mind that many sportsbooks will match your first deposit with the welcome bonus, and the welcome package has an expiration date, so make sure to fulfil all the requirements the bookie has for claiming the bonus.

Choose your Betting Bonus

There are some sports betting sites that have different promotions going, and there are different requirements for all of them. You might need to enter a bonus or promo code to claim the promotion, and it is a step that is easy to take – just enter the bonus code you have received via email or SMS, and make sure to do it before you make your deposit.

When you use the welcome package, you might be entitled to other promotions, which are likely to increase as you place more and more bets on the site. All of the reliable sports betting brands in the Indian market have different bonuses aimed at their most loyal players, so do not forget to check the promotions section on the site and see whether you can claim any bonus.

Tricky Terms and Conditions: Tips

Bonuses in sports betting sites in India are a very good way to increase your bankroll, but all of them come with some terms and conditions. Figuring out what those terms and conditions exactly mean is vital for you to be able to better use the promotion.

Understanding the T&C can sometimes be complex, and to make the whole process a bit easier for you, we will provide you with the key terms of every bonus that you should be aware of. Understanding them will make your betting journey fun and exciting, and bonuses can get you lots of money in your account if used properly.

There are tons of reasons why betting sites in India have terms and conditions with their bonuses, but the most important ones are:

  • Preventing scammers from abusing bonuses
  • Making sure that everyone has an equal chance to secure winnings with the bonuses

You are always best advised to follow the rules and respect the terms and conditions of any bonus, as the sportsbook has the full right to ban your account if you are abusing the promotions. All you need to do is to read the bonus terms and conditions carefully, and even though it might take some time, they are not so complicated to understand. There are some general aspects of the bonus T&C that you should be aware of, so let’s take a closer look at them.

Wagering Requirement

1 iconAlso known as the rollover requirement, this is the most common term that you will come across when using any type of bonus in sports betting sites in India. It is a multiple that is applied to your deposit and bonus, and it means that you need to wager the amount a certain number of times before you can make any withdrawal of your winnings.

Let’s say you have a 100% sports betting bonus. You deposit 500 INR and get an extra 500 to bet with, and the wagering requirement says that it is 10x, applicable to both the deposit and the bonus. So you need to wager these sums 10 times before you can cash out any winnings. Not all wagering requirements are the same, and they vary from one operator to another, and some apply only to the bonus or the deposit, while others apply to both combined.

Expiration date

2 iconEvery bonus has an expiration date, and it shows you how long you have to use the promotion. The welcome bonus usually has the shortest period where you can use it, and other promotions vary, depending on the operator.

Minimum Odds

3 iconYou have some restrictions when using bonuses in sportsbooks in India, and one of those restrictions is that you won’t be able to use the bonus on any markets or odds. The bonus may state the minimum odds you need to bet on when using the promotion, and bets smaller than that won’t count towards the wagering requirement.

Minimum and Maximum Bet

4 iconThese aspects will give you an idea of how much you can bet when using a certain promotion on Indian sports betting sites. Minimum and maximum bet requirements are very common among bookmakers in the country, and once again – the amount will differ, depending on the operator itself.

Maximum Win

5 iconThis is a piece of information that you should check before you decide to register to any sports betting site and see whether the maximum win allowed satisfies your preferences. The maximum amount you can win can sometimes be specific only on the bonus presented, or it can be a general rule in the sportsbook, regardless of whether you are using a bonus or not.

Maximum Withdrawal Amount

6 iconThis is the last piece of information that you should check before you use any type of promotion, as it will tell you the maximum winnings you can withdraw from any bet or offer.

Secret Ways to Find a Betting Bonus

The key aspect of getting the most out of bonuses and promotions in Indian bookies is being aware that they exist, and we will cover that aspect in the next section. This means that knowing what promotions are up and running is vital for you. You will be relieved that the sports betting site will make this very easy for you, as they will display the information on their site, social media accounts, and so on, so you won’t miss out on anything.

Subscribe to the Newsletter of the Betting SiteThis is a very good way to keep yourself informed, and even though you might receive tons of emails on a daily basis, the benefits that come from it are huge – most of those emails contain free stuff and promotions aimed at you. If you have registered to a sportsbook in India recently and you haven’t subscribed to their email list, do it ASAP, it is one of the best ways to keep yourself informed about the latest promotions.
Follow the Sports Betting Site on Social MediaAll of the big sports betting sites in India are very active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where they constantly post updates regarding any promotions and bonus offers. Everyone uses social media platforms nowadays, so you lose nothing if you follow your sportsbook and keep yourself up to date with the latest news.
Pay Attention When You are On The SiteMost of the sportsbooks in India will run different ads on their own sites, which will serve as a good piece of information regarding any ongoing promotions. The betting site will never hide information about the bonuses from players, as they know that punters will almost definitely use them if they are eligible to. Apart from the ads on the site, there will probably be a separate promotions section where you will see the full list of bonuses that can be claimed, and that section is very visible on the site, so you won’t miss it.
Ask the Support Team Whether They Have an Ongoing PromotionDuring your betting journey, you will most probably need to contact the support team for some query or problem you might have, and even though the promotions are listed on a separate section on the site, you might be wise to sometimes ask the team whether they have some ongoing promotion. Of course, you shouldn’t bug them every day, but doing so sometimes might get you a good bonus, especially if you are a big player. You won’t lose anything by asking, and the worst thing that can happen is that they will tell you there is nothing new or special going on at the moment.

Why Indian Bookies Offer Betting Promos

As we mentioned above, you are very likely to come across all kinds of promotions on a sports betting site in India during your betting journey, and depending on the bookie itself, there might be more than 10 active promotions at all times. Some of them are aimed at new players, and some are there to keep the already existing ones engaged.

Sports betting bonuses play a key role in the bookie’s popularity among players, considering that the whole betting market is shifting online. With all that said, let’s point out some of the reasons why bookies in India offer these promotions.

Attracting new Customers

Every sports betting site that we have recommended above has a very attractive welcome bonus, and it comes as no surprise, given its popularity among punters. The main reason why welcome bonuses are offered is to attract new players to the site.

Rabona screenshot website

Woman looks at the Rabona website on the Ipad.

The betting market in India is well-saturated, and bookies need to be very creative when fighting to attract new customers to their brand. To put it simply – the more attractive the welcome offer, the more likely it is for new players to register on the site. Even though there are constant ongoing promotions, the welcome package is what will catch the eye of the player.

If the bookie manages to attract the player to create an account on the site, some say that it is easier to keep them engaged afterwards, so you shouldn’t be surprised when you see that all the top-class sports betting sites in India have generous welcome packages.

Setting Themselves Apart from the Competitors

No one wants to look just like their competitors, and operators fight to stand out from the others in the business. They cannot go and just offer the same type of promotions to their players and look exactly the same. If the operator copies its competitors, then it is likely they’ll be out of business very shortly.

Although there are similarities with bonuses, top-class operators find a way to stand out by offering different conditions to the players, different bonus funds and so on, making their promotion unique to that brand.

Keeping Existing Bettors Loyal to the Brand

Besides attracting new players, online bookmakers in India use their promotions portfolio to retain their already existing players. Nowadays, it is very easy for bettors to switch between sports betting sites whenever they want to.

To prevent this situation, Indian bookmakers offer ongoing promotions for the most loyal players. They can vary, from short term bonuses to long-term promotions and competitions. Promotions like this include free bets, cashback, and much more.

How to Find the Best Betting Offers

The sportsbook market in India is very rich and full of bookies that have all kinds of bonuses available, so it is easy to get confused in that world. There are just too many betting offers to choose from – you will find welcome bonuses, free bets, ongoing betting promotions, boosted odds, and so on.

Finding and claiming a betting offer in Indian bookies is a very simple process, and it only takes a few steps that just might take a bit of your time. We have reviewed and mentioned some of the most reliable brands in India above, so do your research on every single one of them and make sure to find the right one according to your preferences.

There is always guidance with bonuses on how to use them and where they apply. Ongoing promotions are no different, and they can vary – from short term to long term promotions. And it’s true that different sports betting brands in India offer different promotions as they fight to attract more players to their site with innovative offers. So, you have lots of variety. Let’s check what you can do to find the best ones.

Compare the Welcome BonusesThe welcome bonus is the first step in your betting journey, so even though all of the brands we include in our lists offer a very rewarding welcome package, compare them and see which one suits you the best. Different welcome offers can be applied to different markets and sports, and it varies from one operator to another.
Check the Terms and ConditionsThe welcome bonuses tend to have the longest terms and conditions, so you are best advised to go through them in detail before you use them. You might be asked to submit a promo code before using a bonus, or it can be applied automatically once you make your first deposit.
Browse Through Other PromotionsThere is a separate promotions section on every sports betting site we have mentioned above, so you should constantly check it and see which promotions are eligible to be claimed. Apart from that, you are best advised to follow the brand on every social media platform you can and subscribe to their email list, so you get constant information regarding bonuses you can claim.

Can I use Betting Offers to Bet on Cricket?

The Indian Premier League is the main cricket event that every fan of the sport anticipates the whole year.

Rabona odds cricket

Rabona offers a wide range of games and betting odds in cricket.

The wagering and the offers for this competition are always very entertaining, so you will be able to claim different betting offers once the competition begins. Let’s see which bonuses you can expect to get when betting on cricket.

Deposit Bonuses for new Cricket Punters

Every new customer has the right to claim a welcome bonus, especially when making their first deposit. Check the bookies above for the exact terms and conditions for the bonus, and if you are a massive cricket fan, you will be able to enjoy this type of promotion.

There are different kinds of deposit bonuses that you can use, and most of them will get you a 100% bonus when making a deposit. You might also be asked to enter a promo code, so make sure to check the requirements for the bonus. Keep an eye on the wagering requirements as well, which can also be different with every operator.

Cricket Jackpot Promotions

The second type of bonus that cricket punters will be getting is called the Cricket Jackpot bonus. It is rare but can be very rewarding. You will need to predict some pre-selected events to take full advantage of them. Most of the betting sites that offer this promotion will ask you to predict the outcome of every match they have selected, but you might get a small prize if you make one mistake.

Cashback Cricket Promotions

Some of the sports betting platforms will offer you the cashback option, which means that you will have a certain amount of the money you have used back if you don’t win your bet. These offers might have additional requirements, so make sure to check the T&C.

Mobile Betting Offers: Am I Entitled?

Mobile betting has become a very common trend in India, and more people tend to place their wagers on their mobile phones rather than their laptops. So, the best sports betting sites have made sure to create fully functional online betting apps and mobile-version websites, and the even better news is that you can enjoy special promotions when betting from your mobile phone.

Sometimes, you can combine the mobile betting offer with the regular betting bonus, and it applies to new and existing players as well. The mobile bonus will be there for you, no matter the type of mobile phone you have. The site may promote mobile betting as well and ask you to download the app, and by doing so, you will be eligible to claim a certain bonus.

The terms and conditions of mobile bonuses are the same as the regular betting bonuses, and they do have wagering requirements, minimum odds, stake and so on. Make sure to check the promotions section on the sites for seeing which mobile bonuses you can use.


conclusion iconSports betting in India is a very popular activity among players, and it is likely to remain that way for a very long time. Online betting is slowly taking over the whole betting world in that market, so it comes as no surprise the number of operators currently active.

There are many top-class sportsbooks in India at the moment, all of them using the most advanced technology to make sure that all personal information and transactions of the players are safe and secure. All of them have integrated the most relevant payment methods for the Indian market, so every punter will choose the one that suits them best.

Another aspect that top-class sports betting sites need to develop if they are to stay competitive in the Indian market is the betting offers they have for their players. Betting offers and bonuses are the best way to attract new players and retain the already existing ones loyal to the brand, so they have to be creative when constructing the promotions.

Every newly registered player will be eligible to claim a welcome offer, which can come in many different forms, depending on the sportsbook itself. It is always a good way to start your betting journey, as the welcome package can help you get off to a good win at the beginning.

You should always keep an eye on the ongoing promotions, as the brand will want to make sure you stay loyal to them. There are different ongoing bonuses and offers that you will be able to claim, so make sure to check the promotions section of the site regularly, and subscribe on the brand’s email list, as well as follow them on every social media platform you can.


The Indian sports betting market is well-saturated, so you are likely to come across all types of promotions in every operator. One thing you should do before you register on a site is make good research and see which betting site is best suited for you. To make the whole process easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best sports betting brands in India that offer some top-class promotions.
Yes, mobile betting is the future in the sports betting business in India, and the vast majority of operators offer different promotions for mobile phone users. You will likely be asked to download the app, and after you do so, you will get a certain bonus. The bonus itself will differ from one operator to another.

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