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Online Banking Betting

Want to find the best online banking betting methods for Indian punters? We got what you need. It is super important to start your online betting adventure with the right banking method. But which are the best payment solutions for Indian bettors, and how you can make the most of each? Read on to learn more about the fastest ways to deposit money into your betting account, and the most convenient withdrawal options bookmakers offer. Let’s start!

High Rated Online Banking Betting Sites in India

online banking betting banner

Looking for the fastest deposits and withdrawals? Join our high-rated online banking betting sites in India, and you will get them right away. The betting sites we feature boast deposit methods so fast, you wouldn’t believe the speeds at which your transactions will travel.

When you join these online betting sites, each deposit will instantly get to your betting account. Your withdrawals will be finished at break-neck speeds too.

So, register an account with a top-rated betting site we recommend, and never worry about the speed of your online betting deposits and withdrawals ever again.

How to Bet using Online Banking

If you want to learn how to deposit using an online banking option and then place your bet, you are right where you need to be. We will explain the online banking betting process from start to finish and will tell you everything you need to know to make that process as straightforward as possible. Read on to learn how to bet online using online banking.

Step 1: Choose an Online Banking Option

1 iconFirst, decide which online banking option you will use while betting. There are a lot of payment methods out there, but we suggest you pick a banking option you are familiar with. That way, you won’t have to lose time learning how a payment method works.

Step 2: Fund Your Online Banking Method

2 iconNext, you need to top up the payment method you chose. To do this, you need to transfer money from your bank account to the banking option you picked.

For instance, if you picked a prepaid card, you will first have to buy/fund that card with money that’s in your bank account. Similarly, if you are using an e-wallet, you will have to initiate a money transfer from your bank account to your digital wallet.

However, you don’t always have to fund an online banking method. For example, if you deposit money using online bank transfers, you will use your online banking account to fund your sports betting account. That means your money will go directly from your bank to your online sports betting account. We will teach you how to open that account in a minute.

Step 3: Find a Betting Site that Accepts It

3 iconAs soon as you decide which online banking option you will go with, find a betting site that accepts it. Getting things right in this step is crucial. You want to bet at a reliable online betting site, and to find one, you need to do your research. That means searching for trustworthy sites recommended by other bettors, shortlisting them, and then checking if they:

  • Have a license
  • Are secure enough
  • Have the sports betting options you need
  • Boast enticing bonuses and enhanced odds promos
  • Etc.

That sounds like a lot of work, right? Well, that’s because it is. And do you know the worst part about it? Even if you check all of those things, you still cannot be 100 per cent sure that you will find a trustworthy betting site.

So, what can you do? The best thing, if you value your time and money, of course, is to go with the online sports betting sites we recommend. These online bookmakers have been checked from top to bottom by our experts who have been in the online wagering industry for decades. So, trust us when we say they know what they are doing.

When you pick a betting site from the ones we link to, you can be sure that you will be in good hands and get great value for the money you deposit. Oh, and you will also be able to bet on your favourite sports instead of going through licenses and security certificates. We know which option we would go for if we were you.

Step 4: Open a Betting Account

4 iconAfter you choose a betting site, go ahead and open an account there. It is pretty straightforward to open a betting account with any online bookmaker, so you shouldn’t have any problems while doing that. All you will need to do here is enter your personal information and contact details.

One thing that will probably take some of your time, though, is the verification procedure. Whenever you open an online betting account, you have to verify that it is you that’s doing that.

To prove your credentials, online betting sites often require you to send a copy of an identification document. The usual documents you have to provide include ID cards, passports, recently-issued bank statements, and driver’s licenses.

Step 5: Deposit Money into Your Account

5 iconSoon after you verify your betting account, it is time to make your first deposit. To do this, go to Cashier in your account and find your deposit method. For instance, if you use an online bank transfer as a deposit option, click on it.

Next, enter your bank or payment method details and the amount you want to transfer. As soon as you finish doing that, click on Confirm to initiate the transfer. Most online banking deposits are instant, so you should have your money in your betting account right away.

Step 6: Activate the Welcome Bonus

6 iconBut don’t go and place your first bet just yet. Most online betting sites have welcome bonus offers for their new customers. The only time you can use these welcome bonuses is when you make your first deposit. In other words, if you don’t do that now, you will never get the chance to claim that enticing welcome bonus promo.

So, before you place your first bets, check if betting sites accept online banking deposits with the payment methods you use. Also, see whether those payment methods will qualify you for their welcome bonus offers. If they do, trigger these new customer promos and benefit from extra betting credits when you complete the bonus T&C.

Step 7: Place Your Bet

7 iconNow you have a betting account that you have topped up, and you might even have some bonus funds or free bets in it. That means it is time to place your first bet.

To do this, first, select the sports you will be betting on (cricket, football, horse racing, tennis, etc.) and then pick your sports betting markets. Next, choose the betting options you fancy. When you finish, enter your bet stake and submit your bet.

Step 8: Withdraw Your Winnings

8 iconIf all goes well, you should get a winning bet sometime after you start betting on your favourite sports. When this happens, you have two options. First, you can use your winnings to place new bets and keep them in your betting account.

The other option is to withdraw your winnings. To withdraw money from your online betting account, you once again have to go to Cashier, but this time you have to click on Withdraw.

As soon as you do that, the betting site will ask you how much money you want to withdraw and the withdrawal method you will use. So, enter the amount you want to be paid out to your bank account, digital wallet or banking card and click Confirm. If you picked a reliable betting site, you should get your winnings within the same day.

Pros and Cons of Online Banking Betting

If you want to be successful in your Indian online wagering adventure, you have to know the pros and cons of online banking when betting. And, as you can imagine, there are quite a lot of advantages to depositing money via online banking methods.

However, as is often the case, there are two sides to each coin, and there are a couple of online banking drawbacks you should know about. These disadvantages are particularly a factor when you are new to online betting. Read on to learn all the pros and cons of online banking when betting.

Advantages of Online Banking when Betting

Even though online payment methods can cause problems to bettors new to online wagering, the benefits of online banking betting far outweigh the drawbacks. These are some of them:

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Instant deposits
  • Super-fast withdrawals
  • Available 24/7
  • Keep track of how much you spend

So, when you deposit using online banking methods, you can stay on top of your budget and know exactly how much you have wagered. You can also rest assured that all money transfers you will make will be instant or much faster than conventional payment methods.

And the best thing is that, for most Indian punters, using online banking is super-easy. The fact that they can make online betting transfers at any time of day or night makes online bank deposits even more appealing.

Disadvantages of Online Banking when Betting

As we already mentioned, online banking options do come with a couple of disadvantages, especially if you have never used online banking before. Here are the two most prevalent ones:

  • Bettors new to online banking might have problems
  • You have to protect your sensitive banking information

Wagering at retail bookmakers is not the same as wagering online. If you are new to online betting, you might find online banking options a bit overwhelming.

Fortunately, the number of bettors who have never used online payment methods is so small that these drawbacks are, in fact, no longer a problem.

One thing that does remain an issue, though, is protecting your financial information. Bettors often forget to take all the necessary measures to protect the online banking transfers they make. It is in these situations that people with fraudulent intentions can exploit your negligence and empty your pockets. Therefore, always exercise maximum precaution when making online betting deposits and withdrawals.

Deposit Options for Indian Bettors

When it comes to depositing options, Indian bettors have it good. Punters in India have access to some of the most popular and most trusted payment methods in the world. And because net banking is so big in the country, the online banking options used for betting are endless. Read on to learn more about the payment methods available to Indian bettors.

Credit Cards

If you have a credit card that you use to buy things online, you can also use it to fund your online sports betting adventure. All you need to do is join some of the online gambling sites we feature and follow the few simple steps listed above.

One of the great things about using credit cards to deposit is their simplicity. You don’t have to sync bank accounts to a digital wallet or load a prepaid card and then wait for your funds to arrive. With a credit card, you can instantly deposit and not waste a second between making that transaction and placing your bet.

However, a word of advice when using credit cards for online betting – always protect your credit card information. Credit card frauds in India are not as common as they used to be, but they are still there. So, take all the necessary precautions and always check twice before you leave your CVV/CVC number or other card details.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are another deposit option our Indian readers often choose when joining the best online betting sites in India we feature. Debit cards are as simple to use as credit cards. However, unlike credit cards, they don’t allow you to spend more than you have in your bank account.

That makes them superior betting deposit options, as you can keep track of how much you spend at the betting sites and online casinos you join. If you are a budget bettor, debit cards can give you control over your spending and ensure you never go in the red with your betting expenditure.

However, just because debit cards allow you to only deposit when you have money in your bank account doesn’t mean they are impervious to hacker attacks. That goes double if you don’t guard your debit card information carefully or leave your financial information at betting sites with dubious credentials.

Bank Wire

If you want your online payments to be as simple as possible, you should go with bank wire transfers. When you transfer money using bank wires, you only need to have a bank account, nothing else.

All you need to do is go to Cashier in your betting account and choose Online Bank Transfer as your payment method. Next, enter the number of your bank account, and the transaction should soon take place.

22bet deposit notebook man

Man makes a deposit at 22Bet.

However, you should know that even though most wire transfer deposits are instant, withdrawals are not. You will have to wait a while before your winnings reach your bank account, and this can sometimes take several days.

Instant Banking

If you want to go with net banking options that are faster than online bank transfers but still come with the same perks, go with instant banking systems. When you deposit via instant banking, as the name suggests, the money leaves your bank account and arrives in your wagering account as soon as you press Confirm.

The great thing is that there are many Indian betting sites that accept and work with instant banking options. They are considered as some of the most convenient deposit methods when making betting payments online, so most Indian betting sites work with them.

Therefore, if you are still looking for a payment method for your online betting adventure, why not go with an instant banking option? All your deposits will reach your account in no time, and you won’t have to deal with those slow and cumbersome bank transfer withdrawals. What’s not to like there?

Withdrawals: How Much Time do I need to Wait?

Most banking options facilitate instant deposits. However, withdrawal times vary from one payment method to another. More importantly, these differences in withdrawal times are often so pronounced that you have to choose your withdrawal options wisely. If not, you may have to wait for your winnings for days. So, when it comes to withdrawals, how much time do you need to wait and which are the best methods for payouts? Let’s find out.

Avoid Wire TransfersAs a rule of thumb, you should stay away from wire transfers if you want your winnings to reach your bank accounts as fast as possible. Wire transfer withdrawals can take anywhere between 2 and 5 business days, and that’s hardly ideal, especially if you want to use that money right away.
Debit and Credit Cards are OkayAside from wire transfers, all other withdrawal options will give you decent payout times. If you go with debit or credit cards, for instance, you can expect to get your winnings within the same day. However, these can take a couple of days to complete too.
Instant Banking for Instant WithdrawalsIf you are looking for even better payout times than credit and debit cards, you can go with instant banking options. These usually facilitate very fast withdrawals, meaning you can get your winnings soon after the betting site processes your withdrawal request.
Withdrawals VerdictSo, there you have it. If you want to get your money right away, go with instant banking options. If you can wait up to a couple of days for those winnings to hit your bank account, credit and debit cards will work for you too. Lastly, if time is not an issue, you can withdraw your winnings via wire transfers. They will take longer, but your winnings will eventually arrive.

Online Banking Betting Fees

Some betting sites in India charge online banking betting fees. They do this when you deposit and withdraw, and that is not ideal if you want to play with as little extra charges as possible. For instance, a betting site might charge you 0.5% for each deposit you make and 1% while processing your withdrawal requests. That means you will lose some money (even though it is usually a very small amount) during the transaction process.

If you want to avoid these extra expenses, we suggest you go with a betting site that doesn’t charge you when you deposit and withdraw. That is often easier said than done, but if you pick the betting sites we feature here, we guarantee you will lose as little money on extra fees as possible. The betting sites we review and list often don’t charge anything when you deposit and withdraw, and if they do, their fees are so minimal you will barely notice they are there.

What if I Cannot Deposit Using Online Banking?

If you cannot deposit using online banking, you are probably doing something wrong. First, check if all the banking information you have entered is correct. If you are using a debit card, for instance, check if you have typed in the card’s expiration date and CVC number correctly.

If everything checks out here, but you still cannot deposit, see if you have enough funds in your bank account. Bettors are often convinced that they have enough money in their bank accounts, but sometimes they don’t. Even a small bank charge or a payment you forgot about can decrease your bank balance. That decrease may be insignificant, but it may also be enough to stop your online betting deposit from going through.

If you are sure that you entered all your banking information correctly and you have money in your bank account but still cannot deposit, contact customer support. There’s always a chance that the online betting site is going through some scheduled maintenance or is down for the time being. If that’s the case, your betting deposits will not reach your wagering account until the site is up again.

Calling customer support can also help you if the site is not down but your money still has not arrived. When something like that happens, customer support can help you pinpoint the problem and maybe even fix it for you.

Best Online Banking Betting Bonuses

When you bet at retail bookmakers, you can only place your wager and hope it wins. There are no extra bonuses or promos. That’s not the case when you bet at online betting sites. Most bookmakers in India, and all the betting sites we feature, give you enticing bonuses and promos when you place bets online. These are the most lucrative ones.

Welcome Bonuses

Indian bookmakers give you welcome bonus offers when you open new gambling accounts with them. To get these welcome bonuses, you need to sign up, deposit and activate the promos.

betwinner welcome bonus

Betwinner is offering a whopping INR 8.000 bonus to its new customers.

As soon as you do that, the betting site you picked will make you eligible for some extra bet credits or bonus funds. However, remember, you can only get welcome bonus offers if you are a new customer.

Free Bets

If you are an experienced punter, you probably know that, oftentimes, betting sites provide free bet credits to their new and existing customers. In essence, free bets are wagers you place with free bet stakes the bookmaker gives you.

Many betting sites offer free bet promos to bettors, but not all free bets are as enticing as you want them to be. To find and get a decent free bet promo, you need to look at the bonus terms and conditions it comes with.

Let’s look at an example of a decent free bet offer to show you how a quality free bet promo will look like:

  • Register and Get ₹1,000 in Free Bet Credits (New customers only, Minimum deposit ₹1,000, Free bets credited upon qualifying bet settlement, Returns exclude bet credits stake, Full T&Cs apply).

As you can see, this free bet promo has only a few terms and conditions you need to think about. You only need to be a new customer and meet the qualifying deposit threshold to get that ₹1,000 free bet. That’s it. There is no mention of wagering requirements or minimum odds conditions.

So, even though this promo might not seem like a very generous offer, it is everything you need from a betting offer. When you trigger free bets and bonus offers in general, you want them to be as easy to claim as possible.

You have no use of free bets that come with unreasonable requirements. A betting site can promise you ₹100,000 in free bets. However, if it puts impossible wagering conditions on that free bet, you will never get those ₹100,000 in free bets, no matter how hard you try.

Boosted Odds

Enhanced or boosted odds promos can be very enticing. They can increase your potential winnings significantly, allowing you to nullify those annoying transaction fees you get when you ask for a withdrawal.

So, how can you get the best-enhanced odds promos? Well, first and foremost, you should look at how often betting sites give you odds boosts. Ideally, you should go with betting sites that offer boosted odds daily. That way, you will be able to get more value from your bets not once in a blue moon but every single day.

Once you are sure that a betting site will increase your odds every day, you can start analyzing which betting sites give you the biggest odds boosts.

If that sounds like a lot of work to you, fret not, we have got you covered. All you need to do to find the betting sites with the best-enhanced odds promos is to go with the bookmakers we feature. They don’t just offer daily enhanced odds. They give you the boosts you deserve to increase your winnings to offset the steepest deposit and withdrawal fees.

How to Activate Betting Bonuses Using Online Banking?

Betting sites in India boast enticing bonuses and promos. These range from super-lucrative welcome bonus offers to free bet promos and risk-free bets. However, you don’t activate them just by joining a betting site. To trigger these deposit bonuses or free bet promos, you first have to comply with their terms and conditions. And one of the most important conditions is the one that tells you which payment methods are accepted and which aren’t.

Let’s look at the following promo to illustrate how these payment method exclusions work:

  • Register and Get a 100% Deposit Bonus up to ₹10,000 in Bet Credits (New customers only, No fees, Minimum deposit ₹1,000, Payment method exclusions apply, Only debit card deposits eligible for the promo, Full T&Cs apply).

As you can see, to get this 100% deposit bonus and benefit from up to ₹10,000 in bet credits, you have to be a new customer and open a betting account with the betting site. You also have to make a qualifying deposit and comply with other terms and conditions the welcome bonus comes with.

One of the most important of these conditions is the payment method exclusions one. It tells you that only some payment methods, in this case, debit cards, will qualify you for the welcome bonus. Other deposit methods won’t. For instance, if you deposit using a credit card, the betting site won’t consider you for the promo and won’t give you any bet credits.

Therefore, always check if a betting offer comes with payment methods exclusions. A generous welcome bonus can go a long way, but you will only benefit from it if you meet all of its terms and conditions, including the payment method ones.


conclusion iconBetting online is great, and if you do it with the help of some top-quality banking options, it can be even better. Most betting sites these days accept a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods. That means you will never be out of online banking options when trying to fund your sports betting adventure.

However, as you probably realized by now, not all payment methods will work for all punters. What is a good banking option for you might be a terrible payment solution for someone else. That’s why we suggest you find an online banking option that works for you and stick with it.

And just like the fact that not all banking options will work for you, not all betting sites will do the trick too. To get the most from your online betting adventure, you need to play with the best betting sites that give you the most convenient deposit methods.

And that’s where we come in. We give you the best online betting sites in India. These bookmakers work with as many banking options as you need and make online payments a breeze. Moreover, they have the best bonuses and betting offers in the industry and have jaw-dropping sports wagering sections.

So, go ahead and pick a sports betting site from the ones we feature. We are sure that you will get exactly what you need from your online betting experience and then some. Let’s start!


Yes, they do. In the past, only the ICICI Bank used to let you deposit at online betting sites. These days, however, most banks in India will make you no problem at all when trying to deposit and withdraw at different betting sites.
You only need to have a banking option the betting site accepts to play at betting sites. Financial institutions are rarely a problem. That means banks will not stand in your way when trying to make that betting deposit.
To deposit at online betting sites, you first need to open a betting account. Next, go to Cashier/Deposit and choose your preferred payment method. Then enter the amount you want to deposit and click Confirm. Your money will be in your online betting account instantly.
There are no gambling laws that say that online betting is illegal. So is online betting legal in India. The Public Gaming Act of 1867 makes no mention of online betting, meaning it cannot be considered illegal gambling by authorities.
If the betting site you choose also offers online gambling, you can play casino games with the money you deposited in your betting account. Most betting sites in India have both sportsbooks and online casino sections, so this shouldn’t be a problem.
Instant banking options are your best bet if you want to withdraw your winnings instantly. Credit and debit cards offer decent speeds but are not as quick as these fast online bank transfer systems. Traditional wire transfers are the slowest, so you better avoid them.

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