Editorial guidelines

Our editorial guidelines are the principles that govern the content creation process at onlinebetting360.in. They are designed to ensure the quality, consistency and relevance of our content. As transparency is our highest principle, we want to give our readers the opportunity to better understand the values and principles behind our editorial guidelines. That’s why this page explains in detail how we ensure that our content meets the highest standards.

Editorial work

Our aim is to be a trustworthy source of information for all sports betting fans. That’s why we want our work to meet the highest standards. This particularly includes impartiality. We reject any form of third-party advertising on our portal. There are no promotional items or banners either. Our work is not influenced by external companies.

Our editorial team

We set high standards for our team in order to provide our readers with the greatest value possible. Our team consists of professional editors, industry experts and developers. Each team member has years of experience in the sports betting sector and adheres to the editorial guidelines of onlinebetting360. We have designed these guidelines with the aim of providing only useful and helpful content to our readers. We are always available for questions and comments

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Transparency and accuracy

Our editorial guidelines place great importance on transparency. We strive to provide our readers with unrestricted insight into our content creation process. This includes disclosing sources, methods and any influences that could affect the content. All our experiences and evaluations are based on objective, comprehensible criteria.

Credibility and trust

Credibility and trust are other key principles we are committed to. Our editorial guidelines guarantee that our content is produced without any external influence, particularly from sponsors or stakeholders. This level of independence enables us to provide objective and balanced information without commercial interests compromising the integrity of our content.

Comprehensibility and readability

Added value for our readers is our top priority. For this reason, our content needs to be not only credible and comprehensible, but also easy to understand. That’s why it’s important to us to present complex concepts as simply and clearly as possible. Any reader can then quickly and easily understand what our conclusions are and integrate them into their decision-making process.

Our readers

Our readers are at the heart of our project. We provide free and useful information to help sports betting fans make informed decisions about betting bonuses and betting providers. To this end, we produce detailed experience reports, provide information about news in the industry and pass on tips and tricks from our own betting careers.

The comment function

We believe that maintaining an open and active dialog with our readers is crucial, as it forms the basis for transparency and trust. By providing the opportunity to give feedback, we enable our readers to actively participate in our editorial process. Our willingness to incorporate constructive criticism into our content underlines our commitment to ensuring the highest quality of information. This ongoing exchange helps us to act as a trustworthy source of information for sports betting fans. Our goal is to understand the needs of our readers and maintain through this dialog so that our content is not only transparent and credible, but also easy to understand and useful for everyone.

However, please note that comments must meet our editorial standards and will be reviewed by us. Relevant external links may be shared, but will first be checked for spam for the safety of our readers.

Objectivity and conflicts of interest

Objectivity is central to ensuring that our content is independent and free from conflicts of interest. Each of our reviews and published articles has the clear aim of providing our readers with an honest and objective experience. In doing so, we are guided by predefined criteria that result in a rating. Our editorial guidelines ensure that every piece of information and evaluation is based on transparent and comprehensible principles, without being influenced by external factors.


Our editorial team follows the principle of dual review. We have a structured process that includes proofreading, meaning every article is checked by at least two people. In addition, we regularly examine all content to ensure it is up to date and make adjustments. This is often the case with betting bonus offers, for example. Although we follow this quality assurance process, errors can occur due to the abundance of our content. Should you nevertheless notice an error, we would be delighted if you would contact us and let us know.

We include links in our articles that refer to various pages within our own website or to external websites. These links serve the purpose of deepening the reader’s knowledge, as a comprehensive explanation of a topic could go beyond the scope of the respective article. Readers can obtain more specific information through these linked articles. We take great care to ensure that these links lead to reputable sources.

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