How we test

In our efforts to provide betting fans with unbiased information, we have developed a comprehensive model for evaluating betting providers and bonus offers. You can use this model to compare different offers and providers and make well-informed decisions when choosing your next casino to play at. The criteria are based on our many years of experience and give every betting provider the same chance.

Our evaluation model

Our evaluation model is designed to ensure standardised and objective reviews of betting providers and bonuses. In other words, our evaluations aren’t based on our gut feeling, but follow a structured process. We have defined criteria that a betting provider or betting bonus needs to fulfil to be considered the best.

Why did we develop an evaluation model?

Although our years of experience should certainly play a role, we want to use our evaluation model to reduce subjective impressions and provide objective, independent results. Our ultimate goal is to be a reliable source of information for our readers and for sports betting fans in general. We want to use this evaluation model to help our readers find the right betting provider and bonus for their needs.

The 9 key factors in evaluating betting providers

Here are the criteria we take into account when evaluating betting providers.

Security and regulations

The security and regulatory compliance of betting providers are crucial factors that our evaluation model takes into account to a great extent. We examine the provider’s licensing as well as its reputation regarding data protection and fair gaming practices. Reputable betting providers should provide clear information about their security protocols and have a valid licence.

Market width and depth

The variety of sports on offer and the depth of betting markets per event are important considerations. Good betting providers offer bets for a wide range of sports, while depth ensures that there are plenty of betting opportunities for individual events. We evaluate how extensive and varied the betting offers of a provider are.

Types of bets

The range of bet types available is an important factor in our evaluation model. We look whether the betting provider offers special bets, live bets and other innovative betting options in addition to classic outright and combo bets.

Odds and ratios

The betting odds and odds ratios directly influence the players’ potential winnings. In our evaluation, we check the betting odds and the associated ratios for each betting site. Higher odds ratios mean that the provider returns more to the players.

Betting bonus

The available betting bonus is another important factor. We don’t just look at the bonus amount, but also the conditions attached to it. Casinos can only receive a good rating if they provide transparent and fair wagering conditions. Offering an attractive betting bonus can influence players to decide in favour of a provider.

Payment methods

The range of available payment methods are also important criteria. We check which payment options the betting provider offers, including credit cards, e-wallets and bank transfers. User-friendly processing of deposits and withdrawals contribute to receiving a positive rating.

Customer support

Efficient customer support is crucial for ensuring a positive gaming experience. We evaluate the availability, response time and helpfulness of the customer support. Good betting providers offer various contact options and provide quick solutions to any problems that arise.

Mobile app

The quality of the mobile app is a key factor in our reviews. We test the user-friendliness, range of functions and stability of the app. Well-designed mobile apps allow users to bet conveniently while on the move.

User-friendliness of the website

The website’s user-friendliness is very important. We analyse the navigation, design and general user experience of the betting platform. Having a well-organised and user-friendly website ensures players can easily place their bets.

The 6 key factors in evaluating betting bonuses

Here are the criteria we take into account when evaluating betting bonuses

Bonus terms

We evaluate the main features of the betting bonus. These include the following: Bonus type, bonus amount, minimum deposit, wagering requirements, minimum odds and wagering period.

Promo code

We regularly check whether promotional or bonus codes are required to activate a welcome offer.

Registering and opening an account

User-friendliness of the registration process and efficiency when opening an account are important. The best-rated offers include a smooth process that requires just a few steps. We also provide you with step-by-step instructions.

Terms and conditions

Transparent and fair terms and conditions are very important. We analyse the terms on bet settlement, cancellation and other important aspects for informed decision-making.

Payment methods

Some payment methods might not qualify for receiving the bonus. That’s why we assess the variety and availability of payment methods. User-friendly processing of deposits and withdrawals is a decisive factor for a positive rating.


The evaluation of promotions and bonuses relates to offers for existing customers. We review reload bonuses and other offers for all those who already have an account with the provider.

Our advice

Based on the information gathered, we provide specific advice. We highlight important points to help readers make informed decisions.

Our points system

Our evaluation process focuses on assessing each key factor individually and in-depth. Our goal is to create a comprehensive overall rating for each betting bonus and betting provider. This is based on our scoring system.
Our scoring system is designed to provide readers with a clear overview for each platform. It breaks down the overall rating into its individual components. This allows each reader to set individual priorities and identify the aspects that are most important to them personally.

How is the final result made up?

To make the final result as transparent as possible, we rate each key factor on a scale from 0 to 5. Each aspect, whether it’s security, choice of betting offers or quality of customer support, is given a score between 0 and 5. This approach ensures that each key factor is weighted equally.
The scores for each individual aspect are added together and the final result is the average of these individual scores. This method ensures each provider is evaluated in an objective and balanced way.
Our aim is to give readers a comprehensive foundation for making their decision. By clearly presenting the individual scores in our review, readers can see exactly what influenced our assessment. Having this transparency allows everyone to set individual priorities and thus take a personalized approach when choosing their betting provider or bonus.

Which categories are considered for the final score?

Our evaluation incorporates all of the aforementioned key factors with equal weighting in the overall assessment. We deliberately avoid weighting the various factors differently, as each sports betting fan may attach different importance to individual aspects.
The categories listed above, including security, betting offers, bonus terms and others, are presented in our experience reports in a transparent manner. Readers can use our ranking to understand the relevant points and make their own decisions. Since people’s preferences for sports betting are different, we offer readers the flexibility to set their own personal priorities.

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