Best sports betting Twitter accounts

The number of people betting on sports online is gradually increasing, and this trend is projected to continue. The use of social media has grown significantly in recent years, and this trend does not seem to be disappearing as well. It’s proving to be a useful tool for betting fans because it’s the fastest way for sports teams and tipsters to relay news to a wide audience.

Here are some sports betting accounts you should consider following if you already have a Twitter account or are just about to get one.

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Statmuse (@statmuse)

statmuse twitterStatmuse has a lot of useful player and team stats for NBA, NFL, and NHL fans, made into beautiful infographics. Their statistics provide gamblers with valuable information when conducting betting research. The graphics look fantastic and will surely resonate with bettors.

StatMuse is frequently mentioned in the sports media, and the company has also been featured in numerous publications.

Todd Fuhrman (@toddfuhrman)

Todd Fuhrman, a former Caesars oddsmaker can analyze everything you can wager on. He has an uncommon degree of personal knowledge and skill among the industry’s most prominent figures. Reading Fuhrman allows you to see things through the perspective of a former bookmaker, giving you a unique perspective on opening lines, their movement, and what this implies for bettors.

Few people in the industry can evaluate a matchup as he can, and his charismatic personality, paired with his demonstrated sports betting expertise, has solidified his image as one of the industry’s most well-respected and popular tipsters.

He also does more than just digest matchups in the big four sports. Fuhrman is just as confident discussing NASCAR races as he is knowledgeable about any NFL game.

Ben Fawkes (@benfawkesESPN)

Fawkes’ stream is a terrific way to stay up with the newest sports betting news, and unlike many of his colleagues, he does not restrict himself to focusing on individual games.

He keeps readers up to speed on the legal status of sports betting around the world, tracks the largest bets placed at sportsbooks from around the world, and examines global betting volume trends. If you want to learn more about the sports betting industry and where it might be going, Fawkes will undoubtedly be of assistance.

Since he is in ESPN’s gambling department, Ben Fawkes has a broad perspective on sports betting. He is your man if you want a broad perspective on sports gambling or simply want to understand more about the business and its future.

Preston Johnson (@sportscheetah)

Preston Johnson earned recognition for his unique way of selecting winners. Johnson is well-versed in sports psychology and behavioural finance, and he chooses his stakes after analyzing the odds through these lenses. If you enjoy spotting and profiting from inefficiencies in betting markets, Johnson’s interpretations will not disappoint.

Johnson’s unique background has resulted in a public profile, as well as a slot on ESPN’s Daily Wager podcast which provides an entirely fresh viewpoint on how to grasp, think, and plan sports betting. His opinions are always sharp, and that is why he is quickly gaining popularity.

Covers (@Covers)

Covers should be followed even if you are not into sports and/or betting and simply enjoy sports. Covers have been providing updated daily news, statistics, and much more to over 152,000 followers since 1995. GIFs that make you giggle at the facts they present are one of the many enjoyable aspects of them. They are simple and entertaining for all types of gamblers.

Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball)

Sharp Football, led by Warren Sharp, is all about NFL. Their account has around 272,000 followers, a respectable number for an NFL-only account. Sharp created a website with unique NFL stats and visual data. The account reflects his affection for numbers because his Twitter account relies on statistical analyses.

He also shares excellent clips from key moments in other NFL games. His account is wonderful for individuals who enjoy the arithmetic underlying sports betting, and even more so for those who are unfamiliar with the figures. You will not regret following him on Twitter.

RJ Bell (@RJinVegas)

RJ Bell has a fantastic track record in the world of sports. He is the CEO and founder of Pregame, as well as the host of Fox Sports Radio, as well as at the Podcast One. He is The Associated Press’s odds writer, with over 185,300 followers.

From his bet slips to internal poll ranks and game information, he posts it all. The data visualization components are the greatest hits of his account.
It is considerably easier to process things if you are a rookie gambler. He does not say whether he focuses on one sport, although his page appears to have a lot of NFL and NBA content.

Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons)

You can not claim to be a sports fan unless you have heard Bill Simmons’ name at least once. This man thrives at what he does best, which is making money.

He works for HBO being the CEO of a website that has over 13 million monthly visitors.
His Twitter account has approximately 5.6 million followers, the bulk of them are eager to hear what he has to say on his BS Podcast.