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Asian Handicap

Asian handicap (AH) betting is a form of betting that is popular with sports betting sites in Asia. This betting system originated in Indonesia and is a great alternative to the more popular 1×2 betting markets. It’s mostly used when betting on football markets. In this guide, you will learn what Asian handicap betting is, how to bet with Asian handicaps and the different types of Asian handicaps. We have also explained the pros and cons of betting on Asian handicap markets. Read on!

Where to Bet with Asian Handicap in India

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Our sports betting experts have gathered a list of the best Indian bookmakers with Asian handicap bets. We have reviewed every bookie recommended on this site to ensure it meets the highest quality standards. You can rest assured our listings only feature licensed Asian handicap betting sportsbooks with the safest gaming environment. Pick one and join now to place bets with a generous welcome bonus and free bets.

How Does Asian Handicap Work?

If you are new to the concept of Asian handicap betting, you’ll soon realise it’s not that hard to understand. Handicapping is a common market even in traditional forms of betting where two teams are involved. It stems from the idea that one team is likely to win because it’s considered to be better than the other. That is, there is a stronger team (favourite) and a weaker team (underdog).

The perceived difference may be based on factors like previous performances, home advantage, form and injuries. The objective of handicapping is to create a levelled playing ground by giving the underdog a head start. This removes the perceived bias between two teams, allowing sports bettors to get more value on highly favoured teams.

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Now, Asian handicaps are a bit more interesting because they eliminate the draw outcome. As a result, punters can bet with better odds than when betting on standard 1×2 markets. Sportsbooks achieve this by a positive (+) goal handicap on the underdog and a negative (-) goal handicap on the favoured team. There are only two possible outcomes from Asian handicap bets when the draw is eliminated – win or loss.

How to Bet with Asian Handicap

Once you read the entire Asian handicap betting guide, you can make the most of this form of betting right away. All Indian sportsbooks we have listed here cover a whole range of Asian handicap markets. It’s a matter of picking a betting site and placing bets using the Asian handicap. The process is quite simple because all you need to do is follow the few steps described below.

Step 1: Choose a Reliable Asian Handicap Betting Site

1 iconThe first step is to pick a reputable bookmaker that offers Asian handicap betting markets. We have you covered because we have already selected the best sportsbooks in India for you. Navigate through our list and pick a bookie with Asian handicap lines and a nice betting offers.

Step 2: Sign Up for an Account 

2 iconYou’ll need to create an online betting account before you can bet on any Asian handicap market. Find the signup page of the chosen betting site and enter the required registration details. These may include your name, email, phone number, date of birth, username and password.

Step 3: Deposit and Claim a Bonus

3 iconOur top Indian online sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses to new players upon registration. Log into your account, find the available bonus and claim it to boost your bankroll. The most common bonuses you can claim as a new player include match deposit bonuses, free bets and risk-free bets.

Step 4: Choose an Asian Handicap Market and Bet

4 iconOnce your deposit method and grab a bonus, look for the handicap market you wish to bet on. Football markets are the most popular choice when it comes to Asian handicap betting. Bet on the selected game and wait for the match result to see if you have won.

Asian Handicap Types: Explained

There are several types of Asian handicap betting. The available options will vary from one Indian betting site to another. Don’t worry if you don’t know how Asian handicaps work in real life because you are about to learn. We will start with the simplest Asian handicap bet types and move to the more complex ones.

Level Asian Handicap Betting (Asian handicap 0.0)

An Asian Handicap 0.0 simply means that no team starts the match with an advantage. Therefore, the game starts with both teams having 0 goals or points. This type of Asian handicap is applicable where both teams seem to have equal abilities such that any of them can win.

Level Asian handicapping is similar to the Draw No Bet market, where the option of a draw is removed. You win if the team you bet on wins and lose if it loses. The fun part is that you’ll get a stake refund if the match ends in a draw. In other words, the bet is voided if there is no winner.

Single Asian Handicap Betting

Single Asian handicap betting is what most people will likely think about when they hear of Asian handicaps. This bet type is ideal when there is a clear difference in the perceived ability between two teams. Here, the bookmaker is certain that one team is stronger than the other.

The team that seems to be better will get a goal handicap to create a levelled playing ground. This means that they will start the match with negative goals, such as -0.5, -1.5 or -2. On the other hand, the weaker team will start with positive goals such as +0.5, +1.5 or +2.

A handicap of -2 simply means that the favourite team must win by 3 or more goals for you to win the bet. And a handicap of -1 implies that the favoured team must win by 2 goals for your bet to be successful. The bet is voided if they win by 1 goal and lost if they draw or lose.

Split Asian Handicap Betting

The best time to use the split Asian handicap betting method is when the perceived difference in the performances of teams is not clearly defined. This bet type is a bit sophisticated for a beginner, but you will understand it once you get the basics. With this market, you get a chance to split your bet on a team over two handicaps.

Let’s say Manchester City have a handicap of -0.5 & – 1, which can also be denoted as -0.75. So, they are the favourite team in that football match. This Asian handicap means that you have two results, and your bet is divided into two. So, half of your stake is on -0.5, and the other half is on -1. Thus, you can win half of your stake and get a stake refund equal to the other half.

Using the previously mentioned handicap of -0.5 & – 1, you will win your bet on Man City if they win by 2 or more goals. You will also win half your stake if they win by 1 goal. And you’ll lose your bet if they draw or lose. If the handicap is 0.5 & 1 you will lose half your stake if they lose by 1 goal.

Full Lines, Half Lines and Quarter Lines in Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap markets can use different types of lines. Lines with a whole number such as -2, 0 or 3 are known as full lines. But Asian handicaps may also use half or quarter lines.

Half Lines

Any Asian handicap line that ends with .5 or half goals is called a half-line. Some popular values in this category include +/- 0.5, 1.5 and 2.5. Note that you will often come across Asian total half-lines where the outcome is either a win or a loss.

asian-handicap full half lines betway

Betway Screenshot: Full and half line Asian handicap.

Let’s consider a football match between Chelsea (+0.5) and Manchester United (-0.5). So, Chelsea has an advantage of a half goal before kick-off. If you bet on Chelsea, you win if Chelsea wins or if the game ends in a draw. You also lose your bet if Chelsea loses.

A handicap of -1.5 means that the favourite team must win by 2 or more for you to win your bet. You also lose if they win by 1, lose or draw. And for a handicap of +1.5, the underdog needs to win, draw or lose by 1 for your bet to win. You lose if they lose by 2 or more goals.

Quarter Lines

Quarter lines are Asian handicap lines with .25 or .75. Note that split Asian handicaps are also known as quarter goal handicaps because they often use quarter lines. A handicap of +0.25 means that the match starts with a score of 0-0.25 (a quarter goal for the underdog). If the underdog wins, you get half the stake back and win the other half. But you lose the bet if the team loses.

quarter-lines asian handicap betway

Asian handicap quarter lines (Screenshot betway)

Pros and Cons of Betting Using Asian Handicap

Asian handicap betting has gained popularity in recent years because of the many advantages associated with it. As with European handicap betting, you can take advantage of Asian handicaps on pre-game and in-play wagers. So, there’s no limit in terms of when you can place your bet.

As stated before, handicap betting removes the perceived bias between two competing teams. And this offers some noteworthy benefits that can intrigue punters to place Asian handicap bets. If you look at the odds for a football match on the widely popular 1×2 market, you will notice that you can’t win much betting on the favoured team. But you can get more value on favourite teams with Asian handicap betting.

On top of that, you can win a substantial amount of money over time because removing the draw outcome lowers the betting margins. We have listed the pros and cons of Asian handicaps below.


  • Eliminating the draw increases your winning odds
  • Depending on the type of handicap, you might win even when the team you bet on loses
  • Bettors can get more value when betting on favoured teams
  • Removing the draw means lower betting margins, so you can earn a significant amount in the long run
  • The Asian handicap market offers better value because it mostly attracts professional sports punters


  • Some types of Asian handicap wagers may be a bit difficult for novices to understand
  • Fixed odds offer much better betting odds for underdog teams, unlike Asian handicaps


conclusion iconAsian handicap betting is undoubtedly a great option if you want to boost your winning chances when betting on seemingly ‘unequal’ teams. You can practise it right now by joining our recommended Asian handicap sportsbooks. If you are lucky, you may even enjoy this bet type with a bonus!


This is a betting system where the stronger team is handicapped to level the playing field. The draw option is also removed so you can bet on a win or a loss.
Your winning odds with this bet type are higher because there’s no betting on draws. You also get better odds for the favourite team.
Asian handicaps are mostly used when betting on football markets.
Half lines have .5 while quarter lines have .25 or .75.

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